The first time these girls presented their prepubescent heads, things didn’t go so well.

In fact, they were met with quite a bit of criticism for their age, their lack of talent, and inappropriateness, criticisms I don’t necessarily disagree with. Like it or not however, GP Basic (which a good friend of mine is convinced stands for Girls’ Puberty Basic) is here to stay. Why else would they unveil a comeback teaser?

They recently created an official youtube channel and have uploaded some interesting content, including a teaser.

The teaser actually sounds really interesting. But then comes the screechy, child voice that not only am I not too fond of, but also messes with the potential of the song. And looking at this teaser image, I’m not really liking the whole exposed belly thing. It reminds me of KARA‘s “Mister” outfits but KARA is significantly older than these girls. It makes one think.

Recently however, the official channel has been taken down. Too many antis?