Another episode of Dream High brings us to Oh Hyeok accomplishing the seemingly impossible: getting three of the most difficult students to attend Kirin Art School. Hye Mi successfully seduces Sam Dong into coming to Seoul to attend Kirin, Oh Hyeok saves Jin Gook from a mortal scratch on the head and earns his gratitude so Jin Gook decides to attend Kirin, and Baek Hee goes from a door mat to a possible saboteur. I can’t tell if I’m becoming numb to the judgements I held against this drama or if it’s actually getting good.

Things I Liked:

  • Sam Dong having an extra costume. Like he knew this was going to happen.
  • The look in Sam Dongs’s eyes when he looks at Hye Mi. One day, when I grow up and meet the man of my dreams, I want him to look at me just like that.
  • Sam Dong flipping out at Hye Mi and making her look like a dumbo. In front of everyone. This seems to happen often, doesn’t it Hye Mi?
  • Hye Mi finally having a moment where she realizes that her actions might have negative consequences that won’t work in her favor.
  • Sam Dong’s hilarious attempt at singing. And at dancing.
  • Sam Dong’s mother.
  • IU is really unrecognizable in the fat suit. Like even her face. That was 50, 000 well spent.
  • Hye Mi in “country” clothing.  It suits the sour puss princess surprisingly well.
  • Uhm Ki-Joon is a good actor. And though his character is a little quirky, I look forward to seeing more of him.
  • Billiards and fate. Blowing my mind.
  • For someone who has very little, Jin Gook is an impeccable dresser.
  • Jin Gook let Oh Hyeok win. Very noble.
  • Is that some regret or guilt I see, Hye Mi?
  • Sam Dong running after the bus has to be one of the most precious things I’ve seen.
  • Sam Dong may look like a country bumpkin, but he’s not stupid. He knows Hye Mi is lying.
  • Baek Hee’s personal growth.
  • Who ever thought Ok Taec-Yeon and naked could appear in the same sentence without the subjunctive?
  • Jason getting Pil Suk’s uniform because she’s too embarrassed.
  • Not a big fan of IU but I like Pil Suk. Her lollipops are too cute. And Jason, sans the English, is not too bad himself.

Things I Didn’t Like:

  • Has this ever happened to anyone? Someone randomly asking you to sing on national TV?
  • Jason’s English. Even if it was one word, like really? Does it make you that chic or cool to speak English or to have an English speaking character in a drama?
  • Jin Gook’s phone seems pretty fancy for someone who doesn’t have any money. I know Korea is like 5 million years ahead of everyone in the phone market but is that supposed to be a crap phone?
  • Why does Hye Mi have to use such tactics to win Sam Dong over? He’s so innocent; don’t lie to him like that!
  • Suzy’s eyes are still dead. But she’s gotten marginally better.
  • Hye Mi’s character is making developments but she’s still, as Oh Hyeok says, “So rude.” I know it’s her character but I don’t like people who don’t have manners or social tact. Personal pet peeve.
  • Can someone explain the break dancing lair? Please? It’s popped up a couple of times and no one has explained what it actually is or how Jin Gook gets to stay there.
  • This bathroom scene is awkward. Unnecessarily so, in fact.
  • Why did Jin Gook let Oh Hyeok know that he let him win on purpose? Doesn’t that ruin the point of being noble? Or was he trying to illustrate a point about probability?
  • Oh Hyeok is this drama’s punching bag.
  • Okay, I understand this classroom is where students’ dreams go to die but really, the conditions are like that? Please. I understand they’re trying to emphasize a point but this is just unrealistic and overly dramatic.
  • If Baek Hee doesn’t slap Hye Mi, I will. She is so rude and constantly makes herself look like a dumb, jerk. Now everyone knows you’re poor. Happy? And then she blames Baek Hee. Please. It’s all your fault. She was earning brownie points. But no. You ruined it. Now go take a bath.
  • That trip was not realistic at all. The tree in front of my house could trip better than that, Dream High Production team.
  • What is this? Ah Jeong’s locker was left open? Just like that?
  • If Hye Mi’s stockings are ripped, can’t she just not wear them? I know it’s cold but where is your pride now, huh?
  • Why is it that it takes Ah Jeong five million years to feel the thumb tack. Not realistic.
  • The dances, though nicely performed, disappointed me. The performances announced that these would be the premiere students of the school and I thought the dances were pretty simple, especially Baek Hee’s dance.

Final Verdict: Sam Dong is cute and Baek Hee’s character development has me intrigued. The only thing that REALLY makes me dread watching the next episode, is Hye Mi. She has her pride but that does not excuse her rudeness. I find her extremely unbearable.