And I know who I love. Whether it be Stockholm syndrome-induced or not, (I’m not really sure what the plot between Cha Seung Won and Su Ae‘s characters entails, but to me it looks like he kidnaps her and she falls for him??) I would choose Cha Seung Won- villain or otherwise-every. Single. Time. Something about him just does it for me. Although Jung Woo Sung is sure giving him a run for his money.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is no newcomer to high profile OSTs. In fact, she even won awards for her contributions to the OSTs for 2008 dramas “Hong Gil Dong” and “Beethoven Virus”. Her song, “I Love You” seems to fit the Athena: Goddess of War love triangle perfectly. I can’t wait for Athena to start!!! So many hot male actors to love! And some pretty fierce femme fatales, too!