Sorry for the lateness, but things have been hectic.  On to the things…

What 5 things stood out this past week in Kpop land? A Girl’s visit to School, tension when Mary stayed out and body switching hijinx in Secret, serenading butlers, virtual couples’ shenanigans, and a little diversity in Music.  These are the 5 things that happened in Kpop last week that I think were just a little bit more special than the rest and I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.

Yuri visits Oh! My School

SNSD‘s Yuri visited the cast of Oh! My School (aka 100 Out of 100) and was asked to do a little bit of “Hoot.”  After her demonstration, miss A‘s Min did her own version of the dance.

The episode was pretty funny throughout with Min doing a dance from the musical FAME with the help of Supreme Team and a couple of the cast members doing a pretty good impersonation of two dogs having a conversation? The highlight of the show though, was the cast’s performance of “Summer Lovin'” from Grease that had a scandalous ending between Minho and Yuri. There has been rumors that the two were/are dating and this makes me think, maybe?

Minho, such a noona killer. I just gotta say that I love Simon D, he’s so funny and his voice? Sexxaaayyyy…

Mary Stayed in the Middle and more fun in the Garden

Is it only me, or did Mary Stayed Out All Night get really good last week.  Finally we have some emotions in play:  jealousy, affection, heartbreak, dismay…  I hope the storyline keeps it up.  And, my current Kdrama fixation the Secret Garden… Ah, I wish they stayed switched for a little while longer, but maybe they’ll switch again?  Here are some of my favorite scenes from the drama:  the kiss, the roomie, the meal, the sauna, and the sequined track suit returns.

The interactions between Hyun Bin‘s and Yoon Sang-hyun‘s characters are just classic.  Can’t wait for the new episodes.

Actress Butler, Fox Butler, whatever…

One of the new variety shows that I’ve been enjoying is Actress Butler, er Fox Butler– don’t you hate it when people keep changing the name of things… Some of the highlights of the episode included: Se7en doing a short a cappella version of “Digital Bounce.”

Then Noh Min-woo busts out his guitar and serenades the ladies (and here I thought I couldn’t like him more).

He also did a short version of “Falling Slowly” which turned into a sing-a-long with some questionable lyrics?  Then a few of the butlers wrote a song to wake up their actresses.  There are definitely worse ways to be woken up.

The virtual couples having fun

I’m a big fan of We Got Married, it’s one of the shows that got me into Kpop.  Last week’s episode, was pretty entertaining to watch with all the couples doing something fun.  Beast‘s Doo-joon visited the Adam Couple to go over lines for their drama All My Love.

The Goguma Couple rented a truck to bring back their crop of sweet potatoes, which after all their hard work harvesting was disappointing.

And, the Thai-Chi Couple (SB’s own little nickname for the couple) went International.  Victoria went to Thailand to meet Khun‘s family and we get to se why he likes Vic so much.  Guys always go for girls like their mothers.

So, You wanna be a rock star?

Lately, I’ve been noticing that the music shows have been having more alternative guests on the shows, meaning not Kpop idols, which I appreciate.   Although I like Kpop, it’s always good to have some diversity. Some of the performances on last week’s Music Bank that I enjoyed:

Norazo with “Rock Star.”

And, Untouchable‘s comeback with “Make a Fuss.”

So, those were my top 5 things that happened last week, that I think were a must see if you’re a fan of Kpop.  Were they yours?  Hopefully, things will settle down and I’ll be able to write these things up on time, until next week…  annyong.