…as much as I use to spazz about you when you were still a part of (oneofmyFAVORITEboy bandsOFALLTIME!!!) F.T. Island, Oh Won Bin, I just don’t know how to say this, but your first single as a solo artist-“I Love You and I Love You”-does absolutely nothing for me. And although I appreciate that you’ve got BEG‘s Miryo on the track, I can’t seem to muster up anything but a sigh for the song.

Mayhap it will grow on me. And I will give you this-your voice sounds pretty solid and you’ve never looked better! So if anything, I give you credit for that. Lyrically though, Miryo kicks your butt on your own track. Hopefully you pick up your guitar again for the rest of the album…to end on a positive note, however, you two sure look cute together in the MV!!!