JYJ fans attending tomorrow night’s concert at USC’s Galen Center in Los Angeles, start praying now. ¬†Jaejoong just tweeted the following potentially bad news.

Translation: Ah.. This is bad.. My voice isn’t coming out..

He then tweeted:

Translation: Maybe I was too nervous yesterday..It was an After-party..But I felt way more nervous then, than I’ve ever felt at a regular concert..I’m prohibited from speaking today. Translations courtesy of Tohosomnia Forums @Tohosomnia

Of course Jaejoong’s fans are there to help, offering to keep him entertained by conversing with him through Twitter since he is ‘prohibited’ from speaking today until the concert. ¬†Here’s some tips to help cure his pipes: gargle with salt water, warm tea with honey, and if you can find it in LA try some li hing mui seed.