Although I am loving his indie-rocker character on drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night” -long locks, torn skinny jeans, scarves, jewelry and all!-, Jang Geun Suk was recently seen filming an episode of the super cute mania drama with a new hairdo!

The word on the street of Hongdae (where the filming was taking place) was that he was wearing a wig…hmmmm…I wonder what sort of plot twist this could be?!! More than that, however, I wonder when he will lose the locks and edgy bohemian look and revert back to the cute baby-face he was?!! (Although, to be fair, I love him in pretty much all of his many different looks!!)

For those of you watching MSOAN, what do you think so far?! Are you totally fawning over Kang Moo-kyul like I am??!!