In the teeny amount of free time we have in the evening after work/class/life/disaster, we talk — excitedly — about dramas. And the drama of the moment? “Secret Garden” with Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won.

This is the quickfire conversation between true fangirls. You’ve been warned.

YoungJi [YJ]:  hey, did u see secret garden yet?
Amy:  yeah!!  i watched it as a relaxer on saturday night haha
YJ:  OMG, i’m such a fan
YJ:  i know!
YJ:  i watched all four episodes in one sitting last night
Amy:  first kpop crush <3 <3 <3
yo philip lee is the only legit korean American actor in korea
he wins me over by the sheer fact that he can speak korean fluently
YJ:  Agreed, but his character is so sad :(
Amy:  yeahhhh.  i feel bad for him already.  never stand a chance against hyun bin hahaha
YJ:  haha, of course not, but i wish my boss was like that- gifting me free bags via my friend!
Amy: dude hyun bin got so SKINNY
his face is like sunken in
YJ:  yes, hyunbin is skinny and his sparkling training wear!
Amy:  he didn’t use to be this scrawny
he was like fuller in the face in that drama with song hye kyo
also, did you watch his other drama “friend, our legend”?
YJ:  nope
Amy:  heard it was really good but i never watched it.  i probably will after i get off this hyun bin kick
YJ: that’ was 2001
Amy: noo.  that was recent
top and taeyang sang for the ost
that’s how i even knew
YJ:  oh, 2009, nevermind
Amy:  yeah
YJ:  i gotta track the drama down
man, new OBSESSION
for me, the song “that women” is my favorite
has been on repeat since last night
Amy:  is that by baek ji young?
YJ:  yup
Amy:  yeah it’s good
YJ:  we are such fan girls
spazzing over hyunbin
Amy:  dude i can’t wait for it to be saturday again
so much better than mary!!
YJ:  very true
and i love ha ji won’s character
and i love the dynamics of their relationshp
its so different from any other chaebol & an average girl relationship its so realistic cuz he’s like wtf am i doing liking a girl like you
Amy:  the only thing i have a problem with is how FAST he started liking her
YJ:  it is!
Amy:  i like how he recites crap whenever he starts thinking about her again hahaha.  it’s so cute
YJ:  and i love his arrogant responses
Amy:  yeah!! smartass
like how his special skill is earning lots of money hahahhaa
YJ:  LMAO and spending them
Amy:  oh also, the first time they meet at the hotel room, and he got confused as to what she does
YJ:  yes!
Amy:  and she’s like i get paid extra if i do it in the forest
YJ:  that conversation was GREAT
man, i really love this drama

Who else is watching?