An overwhelming amount of attention has been brought to actor Lee Min-ho‘s scraped knuckles. Netizens spotted the injuries in pictures from a recent magazine photo shoot featuring Lee Min-ho. Some thought it wasn’t real but in fact only part of the concept for the spread. Others thought it was more than that and were in disarray trying to figure out why and how Min-ho’s beautiful hands attained such ugly marks. This eventually caught the attention of Min-ho’s agency who quickly reassured fans that Min-ho was fine and the scrapes were from practicing an action scene for his upcoming drama “City Hunter”.

Lee Min-ho is known mainly for his part in the drama “Boys Over Flowers” as Go Jun Pyo, the leader of the F4 and heir to the Shinhwa company. He also received a lot of fame from his role in “Personal Taste” as Jeon Jin Ho. “City Hunter” will be a learning experience for Min-ho as he has never done an action drama before. He has been putting a lot of effort into his performance for “City Hunter” in order to show that he is able to act in a variety of genres. Based on the Japanese manga of the same name by Tsukasa Hojo, episodes will not be airing until 2011. Looks like the action scenes will be pretty epic if the practices for them caused Min-ho’s knuckles to bleed!