During Happy Together Season 3, Junsu blurted out that Nichkhun in fact does curse in Korean when he’s angry when MC Park Myung Soo asked Nichkhun if he curses when upset.  In fact, according to Junsu, cursing in Korean is the first thing the foreign member learned while preparing for their debut.

I’m glad to hear that Nichkhun is just like any other foreign language student who tries to expedite their learning by picking up profanities.

Now that Nichkhun has mastered Korean curses, I say we teach him a Konglish curse word: jinjja-wtf-ya.

Loosely translated: Really! WTF ya~.  Please remember when pronouncing this word, the emphasis should be placed on the jinjja, to convey the anger and it should soften through WTF and end with a cute ya~.