Producer of hits including “U-Go-Girl” and “Gee”, E-TRIBE, is bringing something new to the table in the form of T-ara‘s title song for their second mini album, “Temptastic”.

Tune in question, “yayaya” is said to be another addictive dance song. It’ll showcase catchy beats and lyrics. Honestly, I haven’t yet warmed up to “왜 이러니 (Why Are You Being Like This)” but I’m rather looking forward to this one. E-TRIBE has hardly disappointed up to this point.

Fantastic “Temptastic” will include six songs of varying types. Other big names who’ve worked on the album are Kim Do-hoon, Lee Sang-ho, Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Gyu-sung.

The mini and accompanying MV are to be unveiled tomorrow, December 1st, at 10AM. Thereafter, remember to catch their comeback stage on the 3rd, on KBS Music Bank.

I’m not leaving here without including one of my favourite E-TRIBE songs… Enjoy!