Awww these photos for NII Clothing’s winter wear make me want to bundle up and hit a ski lodge with a cup of hot cocoa.

The rugged winter looks are modeled by Yoon Shi-Yoon, who, after the success of his recent hit Kdrama “Baker King Kim Tak-Gu” is getting CF offers and film and television “lovecalls” left and right, and indie-pop boy band C.N. Blue who is seeing similar musical success all over Asia, and even a few acting gigs of their own, at the moment. Sweaters, mittens, caps–OH MY! I love comfy clothes and cool weather. (Plus, Shi-Yoon, Yong Hwa, Min Hyuk, Jung Shin and Jong Hyun are so cute–who wouldn’t want to play around in a Winter Wonderland with them?!!)

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