Hello Seoulbeats Readers!

Seoulbeats is recruiting more writers in all sections of the site.  This is your chance to contribute to the growing number of voices in the English-language Kpop world.  We’re looking to expand the opinions represented on this site and we really stress the importance of providing our opinions on the various Kpop matters.  We want to produce not only Op-Eds from socially conscious viewpoints, but also spasms of fangirling, and everything in between.

We are looking for News Writers, Features Writers and a Graphic Artist.

News Writers would write daily articles on the Kpop happenings. We are looking for people with a sense of humor and a clear opinion who are able to write what they think while being fair in a concise manner.

Features Writers would create non-time-sensitive content that is more based in Opinion Editorials. For example, the straight Op-Ed, analyzing trends or themes in Korean Pop Culture, putting together Lookbooks, Music and Movie Reviews or a profile on an actor or singer.

Outside of the writing realm, we are looking for a Graphic Artist to assist with the features that need Photoshop assistance such as the Lookbook, the birthday calendar or anything else that may come up.

The Seoulbeats Family is a great group of people that love to voice their opinions and hear the opinions of others. We’re different in so many ways but we come together for this so if you’d like to join this great team email us info@seoulbeats.com.

Please include the position you are applying for in the subject line and attach an example of your work.

If you are applying for the news writer position, please send us one or two paragraphs covering a current event.

If you are applying for the features writer position, please submit either: an Open Letter to a Kpop star, citing your grievance and/or thanks, or an Op-Ed, discussing a recent trend you have noticed in the Kpop scene.

If you are applying to the be the graphic artist, please send some of your past work.

Get excited!

If you’ve ever wanted to have a platform to voice your opinions on 2NE1, Super Junior, Lee Min Ho, the band formerly known as DBSK, Bi Bim Bop or anything — feel free to sign up!