Not only has Ga-In‘s solo debut track “Irreversible” performed an all-kill on the music charts (Melon, Mnet, Dosirak, Soribada, and Bugs), but her extravagant TV hubby has rewarded her with an equally extravagant gift. 2AM’s Jokwon presented his better half with a novelty diamond ring to celebrate her solo debut success.
During a recent episode of We Got Married Jokwon also promised to buy his wife an expensive (brand name) cosmetics pouch if she comes in 1st on a music program.
It was also revealed that Ga In quarreled a lot with her composer, Lee Min Soo, because she couldn’t deliver the necessary sadness during the recording of “Irreversible.” Why not, because she was too happy thinking about Jokwon.

This was too cute to pass up

The Adam Couple is still going strong.
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