It’s just been announced that Daesung, Jung Yong-hwa, and Uee will be MCs along with Park Myung-su, Kim Jae-dong, Tak Jae-hoon, and actor Son Byeong-ho in a new late night variety TV talk show for SBS called When At Night.  The show just had its first taping on the afternoon of the 13th.  Its first guests were actor Kim Su-ro and idol group SeeYa.

The show is the debut as an MC for Uee who, after being everywhere last year has been pretty much MIA this year since filming for her MIA drama Birdie Buddy.  We haven’t seen much of Daesung either since he left Family Outing, but he’s been busy with Big Bang‘s Japan promotions, his solo album, and new Kdrama What’s Up set to debut later this year or early next year.  In the case of Yong-hwa, hopefully this isn’t the gig the pushes him over the edge as he is already busy with C.N. Blue activities as well as starring on We Got Married and MCing on Inkigayo.

No information was given in the reports as to the concept of the show. When At Night has not been assigned a time slot yet on SBS, but is expected to premiere sometime during the first week of November.  The show sounds promising and I will be more than happy to be able to get my weekly dose of Daesung goodness again.

* Other translations of the show’s title has been Night after Night and Every Night.

cr:  StarNews, Newsen, MyDaily