Despite recent news of SM’s latest legal quaffle with JYJ and possible delay of the trio’s global release album, it appears that the tracks are now available for sale on Melon. (HQ previews for each track are also available for a free listen.)

The lead single, “Ayyy Girl,” was posted yesterday; here’s “Empty” – my personal favorite:

1. Intro ( Composed by Brian Kim, BJD)
2. Ayyy Girl_Feat. Kanye West / M. Yusef (Composed by Kanye West, K. Hamler, P. Phenom, M. Yusef, Jae Chong / Lyrics by K. Hamler, P. Phenom, M. Yusef)
3. Empty (Composed by Rodney Jerkins / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, L. Daniels, T. Parker)
4. Be My Girl (Composed by Rodney Jerkins / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, L. Daniels, T. Parker)
5. Still in Love (Composed by Hero Jae-joong / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler)
6. I Love You_Feat. Flowsik (Composed by Micky Yu-cheon / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler)
7. I Can Soar (Composed by Xiah Jun-su / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler)
8. Be The One (Composed by Jae Chong / Lyrics by Jae Chong, Terry Shorter, Kyoko Hamler)
9. Ayyy Girl_ S. Tiger Remix
10. Empty_DJ EON Remix
11. Be My Girl_DJ EON Remix
The album has received mixed reviews from K-pop fans, but the general consensus is that the tracks on The Beginning sound more like American pop than the typical DBSK K-pop sound we’re accustomed to. And if that makes it easier for them to break into the US market, then good for them. I guess.
I’d still take this over any English JYJ song, though: