I always feel kinda bad digging on Yoochun for his Engrish, because you know the guy is genuinely trying his hardest at it. But sometimes you just gotta sit back and take a few LOLs all in the name of love.

It appears that Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun of DBSK have teamed up with the South Korean representatives to the G-20 Summit in Seoul as “honorary ambassadors” to the conference. In honor of this, the trio has been featured in several informational-flight-safety-esque videos on the official Seoul G-20 Youtube channel, including the one below:

Yu-chun: Mr. President of United States, We are gonna have a show case of our new album to the fans of Miami, LA, New York and etc. Would mind if you talk about us on your twitter, use your blackberry?

And it looks like fans are actually tweeting Barack Obama in an effort to convince the President of the United States of freaking America to mention a Korean boy band in a tweet. Personally, I’d like to see how the Twitterverse would react to that.

Here are the rest of the videos:

Jaejoong to Japan’s Premier Naoto Kan:

Jae-jung: To Premier Kan, Now we are very popular in Japan and trying to give them better entertainment. I’m asking the stage that more artists can sing and dancing. It can lead more cultural exchange.

Man, haven’t heard them speak Korean in a long time…

And just to end it off with a little more Yoochun: