Won Bin’s latest action thriller, “Ajusshi” aka “The Man from Nowhere,” is still hanging on tight to high box office ratings after having premiered six weeks ago. It currently sits in the #3 spot at the box office and the #3 spot as the highest grossing R-rated film in Korea with 5.56 million viewers, after “The War of Flower” (6.84 million) and “Friend” (8.18 million).

The big reason for its success? There has been a surprising increase in the number of young women going in to see the movie. Women who ages in the teens to their 30’s, who would generally turn away from such violent action movies, are flocking in not only once, but multiple times to see the handsome protagonist.

Ouch, Won Bin just got undermined for his looks. Maybe these women just like the plot. I mean a lonely man of the world risking it all to save the life of a little girl he has absolutely no ties to, that’s pretty heartwarming. Or maybe women these days like to watch something rough and tumble. Look at the trailer!

cr: Chosun