Soon, you just may be able to.  After being rumored for years, it seems that YG Entertainment will go public in the near future.  According to Korea’s Securities Exchange, on August 23rd YG Entertainment registered itself with KOSDAQ (Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) which is like the US’s NASDAQ.  This is one of the steps a company must take to start selling its shares publicly.

Experts believe that YGE’s decision to go public might have been influenced by SM Entertainment‘s recent success on the market.  After announcing that SNSD would be attempting to break into the Japanese market, SM Entertainment’s shares skyrocketed as investors believed that the Girls would succeed there.  With Big Bang gaining ground in Japan and 2NE1 set to expand there also, going public could be very lucrative for YGE.

So, if you have ever wanted to own a bit of Se7en‘s skills, Gummy‘s vocals, Teddy‘s talent, 2NE1‘s fire, T.O.P‘s swagger, G-Dragon‘s genius, Daesung‘s sweet smile, Seungri‘s ambition, or Taeyang‘s chocolate abs start saving up your won.

cr:  Newsen