You know that feeling. Something you once worshiped, loved, enjoyed  and devoted your precious time in the pursuit of its glory…’s just not hitting the spot anymore. It happens to the best of us. And it’s happened to this two-year fan of incomprehensible Engrish-Korean pop music. It’s not like I’m  ready to shut off the lights and say good bye. However, somehow the kpop world has just seemed “off” lately, as if in some kind of stasis. Like The Wizard of Oz, but in reverse. The munchkins are gone, the Wicked Witch of the East is alive and you’re back on that dull-ass farm with Uncle Henry and Auntie Em.

And, crazy as I am, I don’t think it’s just me. I’ve been reading similar things on very different blogs and message boards – how boring this year’s music has been, nothing like the good-old days, when is Shinwha coming back, when is DBSK coming back (ummm), there has been no standout song of 2010; and that’s saying nothing of all the girl and boy groups multiplying like rabbits.

It adds new a dimension to this unbridled excitement accompanying the reemergence of 2NE1. I will say one thing for YG, when he wants you to miss an artist, you really miss that artist. Hopefully they’ll finally be able to bust through this creative brick wall that currently has us all under siege.

Perhaps the weariness is just a consequence of listening (or overindulgence on my part) to any pop music. At some point in my life I’ll look back on these days fondly, but there will always come a point where we make that critical turn in the maze of adulthood and finally see it for what it is; and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you still don’t care, it doesn’t mean you can’t like the music, heck I’ll listen to it way into my 80’s if that is what makes me happy. And it most assuredly in no way affects my love and fascination of South Korean culture.

Also, yes, I will be watching Music Core next week.

I have no life.