Oh, those wily netizens nothing gets past them.  Taeyang is in the middle of a controversy for wearing a black tank top with the words “F*** YOU” printed on the back of it.  He wore the tank top during last night’s performance of “I’ll Be There” at Mnet’s M! Countdown.  I went back and looked at the performance again and again and while you could see that there were words across the back of his tank top, I could never see what they said.  Check it out for yourself.

The video isn’t high definition , but still I’m thinking someone at the taping must have tipped off the media or something.  There’s no way an average fan watching the performance could have seen that.  Mnet has responded by saying that they don’t usually censor an artist’s clothes and that they were unaware of the situation because it was a live broadcast.

This isn’t the first time a member of the YG Family has been busted for questionable fashion choices, G-Dragon has been busted a couple of times including wearing a shirt that said “I <3 Sex” and Minzy wore some rated ‘R’ Care Bear pajamas.  While Taeyang is an adult and he has a right to wear whatever he wants, there is a time and place for everything.  I do believe that Taeyang didn’t think that it would be a big issue, but he should have known better (hellooo, netizens).  I think he probably wanted to be all tough and masculine wearing clothes like that, but Taeyang honey, you already are so you don’t need to wear vulgar clothes.

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