The artists under SM Entertainment just recently landed at Los Angeles International Airport in anticipation for their SMTOWN Live concert at Staples Center this weekend. As always, the internet was attacked with fan videos and pictures documenting their arrival, but most of these are too blurry and low quality to post. Darn us Americans, woefully without those expensive telephoto lenses so coveted by Korean fans!

Despite this, it appears that the stars themselves have taken posed, high quality photos of themselves on the plane itself, looking all clean and shiny – perhaps as a response to those invasively-captured and oftentimes unflattering airport pictures taken by fans? I don’t know. Either way, I love the artists in SM and I love airplanes, so this was basically my cloud nine. For the rest of us, they’re just kinda cute.

The LA leg of SMTOWN Live ’10 will be happening this coming Saturday. I’ll be stuck at school in the comparatively K-pop deprived northeast…but who’s going?