Here are the  tracks, minus “Breathe,”   featured on Miss A‘s sophomore single album “Step Up.” If you like these samples, support Miss A by purchasing their mini album on .

IMO: Even though it may make them seem bland in comparison to other idols, I’m glad JYP has not started going completely digital with this group’s voices. When Miss A first debuted many of the comments were “I can hear their real voices!” And even though I’m expecting to see them out of breath from their “Breathe” promotions and choreography, I hope they remain un-digitalized and just continue to work on their vocals.

“Step Up”
This was the song heard in one of the teasers for “Breathe.”
I like the beat of this track. I wish this single was fleshed out and extended to be their promotional track instead of just an album intro.

“그 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ” (“DJ Let The Music Play”)
More lyrics would have been a nice addition to this track. At least give me a more diverse beat JYP!

“멍하니” (“Blankly”)
Nice slow song with a nice melody, but nothing out of the ordinary. The girls still did a good job singing this song though.

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