Se7en has just released the MV for his lovesick ballad “I’m Going Crazy.”  Starring in the MV alongside him is his real life girlfriend Park Han-byul.  The MV depicts what looks to be a real life celebrity couple whose love is no longer enough to support the relationship.  I wonder if some of these scenarios in the MV were based on actual incidents the couple had.  Having hidden their relationship for so long and with Se7en living in the US for three years could not have been easy for any couple let alone a Kpop idol couple.  There are some cool “rewind” special effects in the MV which might signify the wish to sometimes take back what was done carelessly or in the heat of the moment.  Check it out here via Se7en’s official YouTube channel (again, way to use YT YG!), somebody save the goldfish!

I was already a fan of the song which highlights Se7en’s smooth vocals and the MV gets a thumbs up too.  The couple look good together and I’m not sure if it’s make-up or not, but poor Se7en looks so tired in the MV.  The section towards the end of the MV where Se7en was yelling at her while she’s up against a wall in a hallway and a tear rolls down her face was especially gripping (around 4:20).  The ending of the MV seems to foreshadow a part two, maybe for another of Se7en’s songs?  I’m a happy ending kind of person, so I’m hoping for a part two where the couple makes up, even if it is just an MV.

In real life it appears as though Se7en and Han-byul’s relationship is still going strong with pictures of them together popping up everywhere.  Hopefully, their relationship can last and they”ll be another YG power couple like Sean and Hye-young.

cr: TheKoreaEconomicDaily, Newsen