Sistar‘s upbeat rapper Yoon  Bora took a spill during a performance of “Shady Girl” at the “Let’s Start” concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. It wasn’t until Bora, slow to rise, finally stood on her feet bending over in pain that anyone realized she was actually hurt. Fortunately, after receiving some medical attention off-stage, Bora took the fall like a trooper and returned to finish the performance. Unfortunately, after being taken to the hospital she was told that the fall had fractured her thumb and would take at least three weeks of being bandaged and treated to fully heal.

Other singers in the rain included Teen Top, SNSD, SHINee, ZE:A, D-NA, Jo SungMo, Seo InGook, WheeSung, Infinite, JooSuk, HwanHee and Lee JiSoo. The “Let’s Start” concert was created to bring awareness and raise money to benefit those suffering from the aftermath of natural disasters and poverty in third world countries.

The fans are chanting “That’s all right” (in Korean) to comfort Bora after her fall.

cr: soompi, youtube, Translation : inlovable92