Welcome to the new Seoulbeats! If you’re reading this post, then you’ve successfully made it over with us during the server move. Entries are still slowly trickling in, so don’t be alarmed if the past week or so’s worth of posts aren’t what you saw on the old site yesterday.

Seoulbeats just celebrated its second anniversary and with that, we wanted to bring you a brand new site with great new content and news. We’ve added a bunch of new features to the site in order for you guys to have a better reading experience while keeping up with your latest Kpop news. In addition to that, in the upcoming weeks we’ll be introducing a host of new content to not only provide you better coverage on Kpop news, but to share more of our thoughts on various issues pertaining to Korean entertainment and Korean culture.

Watch out for an upcoming giveaway that we’re going to be throwing, to celebrate the new site and to say thanks for all the readers for sticking by with us. Enjoy your stay!