As we mentioned a few days ago, Mr. Pretty Boy himself-Super Junior‘s Heechul, recently co-starred alongside girlgroup Sistar in the MV for their new song, “Shady Girl”.

I think the song is sweet, the girls’ outfits even more so (as is Heechul’s look), and overall the MV is especially saccharine-not that I am complaining! It’s cute all around, and Heechul seems to be perfectly cast as the archetypal Prince Charming to the awkward Sistar fanboy who has apparently hired him to take the girls out, and live vicariously through Heechul’s dates via earpiece.

Perhaps this is social commentary screaming for SB to take a closer look. Do only guys who look like Heechul have a chance with KPOP idolettes? Do non-Heechuls even have a minute chance of scoring a date with a pretty girl? And who’s shadier-Sistar for dating the suave Heechul, or the fanboy who hires an impersonator? Let’s discuss.

Video credit: 4HipStar