It’s been two months since f(x)’s popular androgynous rapper pulled out of promotions for unconfirmed health reasons. F(x) has been surging ahead as a four-member group, but what has fans really in a tizzy is a current crop of promotional photos that were done with all members, minus Amber.

Concern rises from the fact that currently Minho of SHINee is injured and unable to perform on stage but is still included in performances, appearances etc. That hide nor hair of Amber has been seen with mixed reports circulating concerning her progress is making fans suspicious of SM for the shroud of secrecy surrounding the situation (which, let’s be honest, not hard to be suspicious of SM these days).

The recent paparazzi video doesn’t help:

It is allegedly Amber taking a stroll with a guy friend, and the only footage we’ve seen of her since the injury. She appears fine, though we can only see the back of her and there is no way to really know her health condition from one blurry visual.

I may be jaded in my 23 years, but I would not put it past SM to place Amber on a mini “vacation” to keep fans guessing and then, oh SURPRISE! guess who shows up for the SM Town concert?

I kind of hope that’s the scenario, because if that other thing happens, as talented as they are, I don’t know if f(x) can survive without her.

Any Amber sightings? Where do you think she is?