I love Photoshop and I especially love the wonderfully crazy things that people can and do, “photoshop”. (C’mon, admit it-you’ve totally photoshopped yourself holding hands with with your idol crushes! Or, stuck your head onto your favorite idol’s hot bod!)

One thing-well, 8 things, actually, that I love more than Photoshop, however, are fashion and the 7 mighty fine beastly boys of 2PM.

So, to my surprise and utter delight, I nearly flipped when I saw these photoshopped ads today and knew that I had to share them! Thus, it is with great pleasure that I share with you the awesomeness that is Photoshop+gorgeous “It Girl” and model-extraordinaire Gemma Ward+2PM!

The original Dolce and Gabbana ads  from 2006:

The new, and much improved, 2PM-photoshopped photos (click for maximum effect and hotness):




I definitely prefer the photoshop enhanced ads with the 2PM boys (although I am obviously biased!)-what do you think?! Thank goodness for all of you out there who spend your time and effort producing stuff like this to keep me entertained! By the way-do you guys see the 7th member in each photo? Look closely!!

Credits: RACM at Pantip