A hefty dose of eye candy came hurling my way when I finally got to sit down and catch up on K-pop. Due to some overseas commitments, I was left with no internet = no Seoulbeats over the last few days and boom I discover these when I’m back.

As the title reads, W magazine’s nabbed 8 of the Hottest men in town for their September issue. Starting off with our Big Bang boy G-Dragon, he sure is taking that blond-do places! First stop album cover, second stop Nylon cover and now W mag’s pages. This might be an overstatement but from the series of photos here, it’s only too obvious that fashion’s in his blood – or maybe he’s just fortunate to have been surrounded by superstylist friends from the start.

gd-wmag3_20090827_seoulbeats gd-wmag1_20090827_seoulbeats

Anyhoo onto the shoot, G-D takes a leap from Nylon’s hip to W’s high fashion. He leaves a little of that androgyny behind and goes for obscurity with a tinge of avant-garde. I say he’s probably found the one hairstyle (or color) that he should be keeping for awhile, not just for promo purposes but because it’s actually easy on the eyes. One minus though is I’m not jumping at the clothes – those should remain on the runway, in the studio and whathaveyou.

Check out the leader of leaders in his W photoshoot (yes, “The Leaders” is still ringing in my ears).


gd-wmag2_20090827_seoulbeats gd-wmag12_20090827_seoulbeats

gd-wmag13_20090827_seoulbeats gd-wmag6_20090827_seoulbeats

gd-wmag7_20090827_seoulbeats gd-wmag10_20090827_seoulbeats

gd-wmag4_20090827_seoulbeats gd-wmag11_20090827_seoulbeats

gd-wmag8_20090827_seoulbeats gd-wmag14_20090827_seoulbeats

As for 2PM, they’re enjoying their place on the K-pop pedestal, as the only charismatic, beastly idols in town.

2pm-wmag7_20090827_seoulbeats 2pm-wmag2_20090827_seoulbeats

In line with the arrival of fall, they parade in dark hues and bring some angsty vigor to the set. And of course, more room’s been made for Jay to flaunt.

2pm-wmag5_20090827_seoulbeats 2pm-wmag8_20090827_seoulbeats

Although the boys wear the clothes well, I was rather preoccupied with the thought of them looking like they’re about to rip the pieces off each other.

Well, it’s past mid-week and on to the weekend, but I hope this made your day at school, work or on the bus, as it did mine! Check the rest of the 7 Wild Bunnies below.



2pm-wmag6_20090827_seoulbeats 2pm-wmag9_20090827_seoulbeats


Picture credits as watermarked.