Over 3,000 netizens have spoken through an online poll of over 9,000; and the one and only Brown Eyed Girl Miryo has prevailed. Brown Eyed Girl’s lone rapper has been “spittin” in the Kpop world since the group’s debut in 2006. Sadly, in my opinion, up until now she has been severely overlooked and underrated due to the immense popularity of younger more mega corporation driven idol rappers.

Although I’m happy that Miryo is being well received by netizens, I’m a bit disappointed that she and Brown Eyed Girls are viewed as “idols”. Maybe because I personally never viewed them as idols, despite them appearing on “Idol Army with 2PM“, does that title seem out of place.  No matter how much they are loved by the public, you must admit that when someone mentions “idol rapping” the subject’s credibility takes a bit of a nose dive. Most idol rappers for big companies are pretty much spoon fed every line of every song and taught how to perform it. So in the end, the title “rapper” for an idol becomes a bit superficial.

Here were Miryo’s competition respectfully:

1. Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)

2. CL (2NE1)

3. Nicole (KARA)

4. Yoobin (Wondergirls)

5. Gong MinJi (2NE1)

Watch Miryo get all “Tony Montana” in Brown Eyed Girl’s “Abracadabra

This is an older clip that shows off more of Miryo’s basic rapping technique