For those of you not following JYP‘s twitter every moment of every day, or not playing “Where in the World are the Wonder Girls,” here’s the latest update on the girls- fresh off the press.

The fabulously FOB (I mean that in the best sense of the word, I swear! Their English has definitely improved, and I’m sure they arrived in the US via air in business, if not first, class!) KPOP quintet, quietly arrived in my neck of the woods, and our nation’s capital, Washington, DC, last night with the JoBros tour. With a fairly sizeable Korean population in the DC metro area, I am sure that there were many Wonder Girls fans among the 20-odd-thousand tweeny bopper fangirls in the Verizon Center. There were, however, 3 fans in the stands that are worth mentioning: the “First Ladies”!! Yes, as JYP tweeted, First Lady Michelle Obama and First Daughters Malia and Sasha (both of whom are big Jonas Brothers fans), were somewhere among the JoBros fans (not to mention the CIA detail) at the concert.


Although it’s not certain that the Obama girls themselves are fans of the Wonder Girls, I’m sure the Wonder Girls were thrilled to have performed for the Obamas (and President Obama I’m sure was thrilled with not having to attend a Jonas Brothers concert! Not that he doesn’t have other issues to attend to…economic recovery, peace in the Middle East, health care reform etc. etc.).


JYP, on the other hand, has gone from wanting to take over the world of KPOP to maybe just taking over the world.


Just kidding. But seriously, I would rather see a picture of the WG in front of the White House-stop being such a camerawhore, JYP.