The full 3:29 of 4Minute‘s debut song “Hot Issue” has been set loose; and one thing fans agree on is its “catchiness”. The electro-pop dance track reminds me of something from Star Wars. Try imagining C-3PO and R2-D2 as  teenage girl-bots  with a “princess complex”. It is “catchy” as many listeners have commented, but will it be catchy enough to compete against the likes of groups SNSD, 2NE1, Shinee, 2PM, and Super Junior?

Although they are receiving much positive feedback, it hasn’t been all neon sneakers and rainbows for the group. 4 Minute has recently been accused of plagiarism by eagle-eyed neitizens who have spotted striking similarities between their “Hot Issue” teaser and an iPod commercial from 2007  featuring Mary J. Blige.

Sadly the plagiarism claims may not stop there. The “breakdown” part of the song seems to have been taken directly from The Black Eyed Peas recent single “Boom Boom Pow” .

Black Eyed Peas breakdown @ 2:00

4Minute breakdown @ 2:38

What do you think – Hot Issue or Non Issue?