……..unfortunatley the “punches” are  from one of their fellow members.


During a recent commercial shoot for Hite Beer, T.O.P. “accidentally” gave G-Dragon a pimp-fisted pop which almost took his glasses off. Although his “victim” was fine, I was surprised T.O.P. didn’t realize he popped G-Dragon until the director called cut. You would think that that much contact with a human being’s face would render some sort of reaction. But I guess this proves that T.O.P. is an “ice cold playa from the Himalayas“.

However, not all accidental smacks are good joke material. During a recent performance of “Again and Again” at the Smoke Free Festival, 2PM‘s youngest member Hwang Chan-sung , took a hard accidental poke in the eye from 2Pm’s strongest member Ok Taec-yeon. Throughout the performance, Chan sung can be seen squinting, rubbing his eyes, and generally looking like he is in a lot of pain. But to his credit, Chan sung was very professional throughout and never stopped dancing.