And it pretty much tastes the same as the debut. The fangirls showed up once again to support their rookies with the chanting and screaming that has become legendary to international Kpopers. I can understand their excitement. Due to the recent suicide of former Korean president Roh Moo hyun as well as YG Entertainment‘s “one performance per week rule” 2Ne1 has not performed since their debut on May 17th. The girls did seem to have a lot more energy this time around though and Sandra Park’s mic was turned up to full volume. And, like a good leader, CL does seem to carry all the group’s charisma.
I know fans really want to get others excited about this group and make us think they are super talented and unique. But for me it is very easy to get bored during this performance. Something about it just seems really “high school talent showish”. Maybe I just need to see more performances which YG Entertainment should provide instead of trying to keep the hype going by only letting 2Ne1 out to play one day out of every week. Dude they are here already, the suspense is over, PUT THEM TO WORK!