Even though his name (Jiyong) technically means dragon, Big Bang’s leader and roller coaster of fashion, G-Dragon, shares more in common with the color-changing little lizard than the mythical creature of  lore. Granted, G-Dragon has been a pretty legendary creature as of late, at least in terms of fashion decisions; though not always in a good way–take Big Bang’s recent music video for “My Heaven” or the Arena photoshoot with world renowned (and slightly creepy in a pervy, voyeuristic sort of way) photographer Terry Richardson, as examples.


The idol group’s lizard leader has seen much better days (see: “Last Farewell” days!) and I think that even he knows that. Hence, for Big Bang’s appearance at the “CYON Hip Hop Concert” held on May 23rd at the Olympic Hall, G-Dragon decided to dig into his fashion past to come up with a hot look to match his newly dyed pama-fied locks.


I love G-Dragon and all his fashion hits and misses, but am glad to see him back on the right track and far, far away from that hideous hairdo from the HITE commercial, although I still don’t know how I feel about the ponytail.