Or just shoot G-Dragon. Same outcome. As we all know from previous news, YG allowed 2NE1 some time out of their “How to Be a Hip-hop Star” seminars to appear on Park Kyung Rim’s Starry Night for a few off-the-cuff performances. And you know, I think YG is really going about this whole thing all wrong. The girls came in with their “no makeup faces” and took some pictures where they look natural, relaxed, and dare I say it, appealing.

There has been some new criticism coming from the peanut gallery as of late, with netizens attacking YG’s tactic of having the girls perform only once per week (and on Ingikayo no less!). Some fans have even been commenting that the girls don’t seem fully comfortable with their image, and don’t have the necessary charisma as a group.

Well, if I was in a singing group whose concept was to basically be G-Dragon’s personal Barbie dolls, I’d feel uncomfortable too. Now that it doesn’t look like an entire circus tent exploded on them, I can actually look at the girls without twitching.

The gangsta girls also answered some “personal” questions on the show, like who is their ideal male star. Park Bom answered Jang Dong Gun, Sandara Park answered Won Bin, CL answered 1TYM’s Teddy and Minji said Brad Pitt (my girl, always the outlier).

See, YG! They’re real girls. And instead of pressuring them to become a successful female version of Big Bang, maybe you should just let them be themselves. If they were able to show the cute, goofy sides of their personalities more often (and pick their own clothes), we wouldn’t have atrocities like this inflicted upon the world:

A boomarang dolphin shark’s fin on your ass? CL, you’re my fave, and I know you want this, like really bad, but sometimes it’s ok to just say NO.