I think it’s safe to assume that speculations have been rife since day one of BOF’s airing. And things have not let up since then.

After a series of leaked plots riding up to the climax of Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Jandi’s relationship standing, producers have been desperately trying to avoid the dissemination of spoilers. As of now, netizens have pieced together a puzzle, more or less confirming that the finale has already been filmed in New Caledonia. Their precious deduction stemmed from this particular still that was apparently part of a scene that was left on the cutting room floor.


(Quoting some netizens… Goo Jun Pyo should’ve still had his phobia for swimming so why the goggles? Geum Jandi hadn’t already received the necklace from Jun Pyo at that point in time, or did I miss something? Were they even chummy enough to be holding hands?)

Your guesses are as good as mine. As a way of tackling these “unwarranted speculations”, the production team has also insisted on stepped up security, restricting admission and thus photography on set. They were probably trying to act against their trusty crew who just couldn’t help snapping some juicy footage as they went along – of which the results were the pictures below:







Ok so you might’ve heard about the Jun Pyo-Jae Kyung wedding in Jeju due in next week’s episodes… but it doesn’t stop there.


Plot speculation 1: BOF has so far been promising with regards to quirky tweaks in the plot and word has it that the well-known Goo-Geum happy ending may veer off in different directions. Therefore, possibility of a Yoon-Geum finale could be expected.

Plot speculation 2: Fast-paced BOF looks set to incorporate what it’s Japanese counterpart took to film in two serials – including a late addition of anything-but-minor character of Nakajima Umi (the girl who saves Jun Pyo from the depths of temporary amnesia). Her arrival is slated for Episode 23 and she will further complicate the present ‘love square’, probably driving Jandi even more nuts (and eventually falling to Yoon Ji Hoo’s side?). As expected, casting for this mystery girl is currently “top-secret”.

To feed your curiosity, here are more sly shots of the cast at work in Jeju:




Although we’ll soon find out – kudos to nifty netizen snooping – what are your hopes for BOF? Should they honor the original or would it be better with a little twist at the end?