Lee Minho’s Star Story: finale (high school model~present)

Again, as told by his mother:
The apartment that we live in today is actually one that Minho bought for us. The day that he received the contract money from his current management company, he gave all of it to us so that we could purchase our current home.

Minho began working in high school as a part time model. He started off modeling in fashion magazines, getting paid $50 a day. Every time he got a new gig, he would bring home a small present for his older sister and me. Still the shy boy, he would leave the presents on our desks for us to find later.


(picture: Lee Minho with his sister and mom)

Minho officially started working towards becoming an actor as a 2nd year high school student. He was an acting trainee for a couple years, subsequently getting cast in several dramas like “Secret Campus” (2006), “Mackerel Run” (2007), and “I’m Sam” (2007).

After “Boys over Flowers” started airing, reporters basically are camped outside of our apartment building around the clock. It’s something that our very ordinary family is not used to. We’ve had several offers as a family to be guests on different morning shows, but as of now, we are reluctant and too shy to go on tv like that.

On Valentine’s day, our house was overflowing with chocolates and presents from Minho’s fans. After distributing chocolates to our whole apartment complex, there was still way too much for us to handle. Gifts like luxury accessory items and gift cards were returned back to the senders since we felt uncomfortable receiving such expensive expressions from fans.

These days, Minho barely gets three hours of sleep a day. As a mom, all I can do is watch worriedly from the sidelines. Many people will say that Minho is a shooting star, one that has reached the peaks of popularity in such a short period of time. I would not completely disagree because Minho has been very lucky, but I would like for everyone to know that the road to this point has not been without hardships. In the first year that Minho debuted, he got in a huge car accident that resulted in him having to have a metal rod placed in his right leg. He had to go through a whole year of physical therapy and as soon as BOF is finished, will be getting a second surgery. Because we as his family know his past struggles, Minho’s popularity these days is even more of a happier and meaningful blessing to all of us.