Hello everyone, and a Happy Lunar New Year to all!

South Korea has taken a five-day holiday to celebrate entering the Year of the Monkey; and all the special Seollal TV programming means idols galore for us fans!

In addition to the weekly music shows (which G-Friend swept), we also have good ol’ ISAC; and SBS had a bumper special editon of The Boss is Watching, where BtoB stole the show with their cross-dressing antics:


Idols also broke out their best hanboks to give their New Year’s greetings to fans: Laboum performed in the same episode of The Boss is Watching in the traditional outfit, while Oh My Girl did the usual photoshoots that appear in entertainment news articles.

Meanwhile, AoA Cream wore short hanboks for their New Year photoshoot. In fact, AoA was all over Seollal on social media, posting video messages and cryptic clues.

And then there’s Boyfriend and JJCC, who performed in Sydney, Australia during celebrations over the weekend. The two groups were invited by Sydney City Council, in an effort to attract more young people.

Readers, what have your Hallyu faves been up to this Lunar New Year?

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