20150812_seoulbeats_tara_eunjung_enewsWith all of these high-profile comebacks happening right now, it was difficult to resist talking about them. And so, Seoulbeats Chat Box is back!

In this episode, Laverne joins me to discuss recent releases from four big-name groups:

  • Shinee‘s “Married to the Music,” with its allusions to fandom, horror themes and comedic touch.
  • The Wonder Girls‘ Reboot as a band, which has us screaming and sighing (within audible limits; we promise not to deafen you).
  • Big Bang‘s MADE MVs lead us to a study of songwriting credits and G-Dragon.
  • T-ara‘s “So Crazy,” how almost every other song on the mini album was more interesting than the Brave Brothers song, and whether or not all this even matters to the group enjoying immense popularity abroad.

What did you like/dislike about each of these comebacks, readers?

(Images via: JYP Entertainment, eNews)