Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take the time out of the week to share some of the most recent fashion-forward photos tied to the K-pop landscape.

Something about the summer season seems to match well with weddings. Maybe it’s the carefree mood of summer, as the months signify an escape from everyday work to indulge and play. Perhaps it’s the way wedding attire, of thin layers and delicate fabrics, suits the heat of the season in tulle, silk, and light lace. Or simply because summer is alive in a way evocative of love, with vibrant flora and long, hazy days melting into the next, that make couples want the season’s blessing for their romance.

Jang Ki-yong | 1st Look (above)

Dara (2NE1) & Kang Seungyoon (Winner) & Jang Ki-yong & Kang Seung-hyun | 1st Look

20190809_seoulbeats_dara_kang seungyoon_jang kiyong_kang seunghyun

Kang Seung-hyun | 1st Look

20190809_seoulbeats_kang seunghyun

Kim Hyo-jin | Allure

20190809_seoulbeats_kim hyojin

Go Joon-hee | Céci

20190809_seoulbeats_go joonhee

Ji Chang-wookOne 

20190809_seoulbeats_ji changwook

Yoon Seung-ah | High Cut

20190809_seoulbeats_yoon seungah

Uee (After School) | Elle


Lee Ho-jung | bnt International 

20190809_seoulbeats_lee ho jung

Lee So-yeon | Instyle

20150809_seoulbeats_lee soyeon 2

20190809_seoulbeats_lee soyeon

Yoon So-hee | Nylon

20190809_seoulbeats_yoon sohee

Fei (Miss A) | Marie Claire

20190809_seoulbeats_miss a_fei

Kim Seul-gi | The Celebrity

20150809_seoulbeats_kim seulgi 2

Kan Mi-youn & So Yi | The Celebrity 

20190809_seoulbeats_kan miyoun so yi

Lee Joon | Elle 

20190809_seoulbeats_lee joon

Yoona (SNSD) | High Cut 


(Images via 1st Look, Allure KoreaCéciInstyle, Elle, bnt InternationalHigh Cut, Nylon, Marie Claire, The Celebrity)