Rookie group CLC has made their comeback in quick succession after their debut. Off their second mini album, “Like” is almost completely opposite to their debut song, “Pepe”.

Where “Pepe” was about getting rid of someone who was clingy and annoying, “Like” is obsessive in the face of liking someone. CLC proclaim,

I wanna know your each minute and each second
I’m curious, what’re you doing now? Tell me honestly


This is clearly a case where ‘love’, which is borderline obsessive, can only be seen positively if those feelings are returned. The lyrics are progressive, first asking questions to that someone they like and then asking them if they want to know the same things, asking them to validate their own feelings. Unless those feelings are validated, unfortunately CLC may find themselves in same group as the Police. Though I don’t think CLC have crossed that line yet, or have they?

seoulbeats_05302015_clcThey might have crossed that line in the MV when they take up the roles of detectives searching for the man one of their members likes. The girls are on the case armed with a magnifying glass, a sound detector, a fake mustache and a fake cat nose, obviously covering each relevant sense: sight, smell and sound. Though I don’t know how a fake cat nose covers the sense of smell or even helps in the investigation. The mustache on the other hand was definitely the key instrument used in locating the man. The MV is awash with cute, silly and vibrantly colored props, from the set background to the goofy dress up props, that make the MV bright and funny. Though this definitely contrasts some of the MV’s themes.

But now, this is where things get a bit creepy. What do they do when they find him? They invade his house when they find out he isn’t there. They go through his things, even his underwear. What better way to get to know a person? I mean talking to them couldn’t be easier. Then again, their friend does faint every time she sees him so clearly talking is out of the question. While the girls’ antics are entertaining to watch, this is yet another example where invading someone’s privacy is presented positively or for humor in K-pop. Though the MV is definitely not meant to be taken seriously, romance seems to be intertwined with obsession and possessiveness a lot; it is even made normal. So if you did take this as an accurate way to pursue someone, please rethink that notion quickly. Though, there is definitely something to learn from this video; If you are going to enter and trash someone’s house always make sure they have a dog, so you can blame it on it.

seoulbeats_05302015_clc3Matching the MV, “Like” is an quirky tune that gets your heart pumping with its incredibly fast beat. “Like” takes the meaning of upbeat to extreme levels; it is so fast paced that it feels like it is racing towards its own end. This reflects the nervous or on edge feeling when you meet someone you ‘really’ like. However, it ultimately takes away from the overall experience of the listener, as everything goes so quickly that they can’t immerse themselves in the song. Unlike “Pepe”, which had many defining moments, “Like” doesn’t. It lacks a clear chorus or even a catchy verse. What could possibly be the chorus is too bland to even have an effect; the song roles over into the next verse too quickly to even recognize it is there. The chorus is generally the aspect that catches the listener’s attention and without one the song’s likability suffers.

seoulbeats_05302015_clc81The vocals displayed in “Like” are still strong, however the song lacked the ability to utilize the talents of the group to their full potential. In “Pepe,” the group stood out for its gorgeous collective singing ability. However, “Like” doesn’t use this talent at all, instead using standard filler lines that are practically unnoticeable. Furthermore, all the group members’ lines sound very similar, not allowing the members to stand out on their own. CLC has an immense amount of talent, and “Like” was clearly not the song to showcase it.

While “Like” was definitely an entertaining — if not eyebrow raising — follow up to their debut, it lacks the detail and likability that “Pepe” had. The song didn’t have any outstanding moments to define it.”Like” just leaves me wanting more from the group and not in a good way.

So, did you like this release from CLC?

MV Rating: 3.75/5

Song Rating: 3/5

(Youtube, Images via Cube Entertainment)