I’m beginning to feel like a rap god, rap god

All the people see right through your tryhard facade

Irritate the censors to get your name dropped, lame plot

Instigate the K-nets and get your fame dropped, shame got

Girl from “Gangnam Style,” trying to do hip hop, but it’s really not

Dance is more than just making your hips drop, butt pop and lock

Your singing is so dreadful, I’m sorry to make your Bubble Pop

Raps so whack it’s like I’m listening to K-pop Kids Bop. Stop!20130206_seoulbeats_Minho

The monotonous drone of your monotone is obnoxious and making me groan

The undertones of your feminist throne is nulllified by giggles and moans

The travesty that’s your second EP is an offense that you must atone

The chemistry of Hyunseung and thee is as harmless as sticks and stones

The legacy of Lee Hyori is an honor you’ll never uphold

The difference you see between you and me is the talent you wish that you owned


Rap God? More like rap sod, the hip hop goddess is here

Check my rhymes 4 a Minute, they’ll make you Red in the rear

Call me a one trick pony, have you seen your acting career?

I’m a Girl of Wonder, sitting atop the toppest of tiers

Don’t get the words twisted, nobody’s mistaking me for a Bell Hooks

Ga-in defenders are just hypocrites who are envious of my swell looks

20130303_seoulbeats_4minute_hyunaThe problem with the male gaze is that I’m overflowing, see it?

Haters hate to love it cuz they secretly wanna be it

You’re as useless as they come, black hole idols are K-pop cancers

Come join me and my crew and be one of my backup dancers

What’s the matter? Cat’s got your tongue while you’re rapping?

Your fickle flow and dull delivery has got the people laughing

You’re just a mere mortal while through CFs I’ve built a mountain

Haven’t you read the news lately? 2 billion views and counting


They call me flaming charisma so you know I spit hot fire

With Voldemort defeated, you’re the next fake nose I’ll retire

I should feel sorry for you because I’m such a manly cryer

But I read about your ululating and agree with SB Gaya


You’re the Frog Prince who can’t kiss, no one’s touched your lips but Taemin

Once Shawols are done making fun of you, you’ll be a dying Flame. Just saying

When SM’s done making a ton from you, you’ll be outta the game. Ain’t playing

As for me, I’m like Lee Hyori, can’t even count all this dough. Just slaying


Dibidisdibidis, my name is Minho.

Clownin’ on ya worse than GD on Zico

Dibidibidis, my name is Minho

Acting’s so good, reminds you of Won Bin. No?

Who’re the 5 best rappers? Don’t even gotta think, no

Minho, Minho, Minho, Minho, and…Minho


Trouble, Trouble Maker, yea that’s my middle name

Group Goliath and Golden Child, straight up running the game

If haters wanna hate, they can get in line and try me

No matter how hard they try to spite me, my star’s still bright and SHINee

Getting quiet and choked up? Well, it’s too late to run and duck Now

Mow down clowns like you on the daily with my blingin’ Ice Cream truck. Ow!


Who won? Who’s next? You Decide!


(YouTube, Images via SM Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, Guess)