• leadaegyu

    I really don’t dig Ice Cream, for me Bubble Pop was really catchy even though the music video was a major turn-off. I really hope Cube let her promote Unripe Apple instead, her voice was not as squeaky as it may sounds when she’s rapping (or even her horrible voice in Gangnam Style version of her). Moreover, I think the song fits her personality best. If you see her in variety shows you can tell that she’s an aegyo-ish type of girl. That’s why she may come off as trying too hard to be sexy, because she can’t do sexy. Even if she can, she can’t really pull it off like Gain or even Hyori. I thought with the release of Change and Bubble Pop which were channeling her sexy image in the past, Cube would promote her in a different way. But I guess not… They just make it seems like, “If we can’t sell Hyuna for sex, then we can’t sell her at all.”

  • andalemono

    I understand where you’re coming from. But the thing is, why should Hyuna appeal to you? Do you think any K-pop boy bands do what they do in their music video with the idea of appealing to anyone but women?

    If Hyuna wants to give men boners, let her give men boners. Boybands do what they do get all their fangirls wet. Why can’t she?

    • Bstar5

      ICAM!  You have KPop male group members ripping off their shirts while writhing and gyrating around on stage (not to mention making out with each other) yet Hyuna gets called every name in the book. Girls are allowed to get all hot and bothered over boy idol group sexual antics but Hyuna entices guys and she gets called every name in the book.  There are plenty male idols lacking in vocal skills who are just going by looks and fan service. Hyuna may not be the best singer but she owns that stage when she’s on it. Her charisma is off the charts compared to many of her peers.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DMPXIBHH6HLHWRKTWM5B3HH5X4 Zoe

        “Girls are allowed to get all hot and bothered over male idol group sexual antics but Hyuna entices guys and she gets called every name in the book.”
        THIS. I thoroughly agree with you and andalemono. I think one way to look at the whole girls getting the pass to be hot and bothered is how sexual desire of men and women is presented in the media. All men are deemed horny 24/7 and have perverted minds (but are not sluts and still deserve unfaltering respect), so when a woman acts all sexy, men will automatically want to have sex with her. Meanwhile, for women, you are either a slut with endless sexual desire or you have no desire for sex at all. It’s as if the media cannot openly acknowledge that, as soon as girls hit puberty, most of them have dirty thoughts that will continue on for the rest of their lives. To me, the kpop companies deliver male fanservice to the female fans by saying, “No, of course you have pure and innocent minds (wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more)”. 

        Not sure if my post made sense or not…

    • Passionate Princess

      I agree. The thing is Hyuna always get singled out but when it comes to the groups that makes more sexier videos than this there’s nothing wrong with it but when it comes to Hyuna it’s a major problem. I dont get it. If you in a group you don’t singled out but if you doing a solo then you get singled out. People make no sense now in days

    • Alixana_Tigana

       “No matter what way we look at it, yeah Hyuna might have her image
      dictated by men. But honestly. What group in K-pop DOESN’T. miss A, as
      “empowering” as they are, they’re being told to be empowering BY MEN.
      All those other K-pop females who are apparently so “classy” in their
      sexuality? They’re being dictated to be classy BY men FOR men. I don’t
      see why Hyuna is always singled out because she’s overt with it.”

      I love your comment so much I’d take it behind middle school and get it pregnant.

      That is so well said. I get so pissed off when people are like “2ne1/BEG/miss A are fierce and awesome, SNSD/Kara/Hyuna are sluts.
      In both cases, it’s an image slapped on them by their companies. I mean, come on. Bom is fierce? Miryo is the icon of feminism? And Jessica and Hyuna are being slut-shamed?
      Bom and Miryo (sorry for taking them as an example) did so much surgery on their faces that they’re unrecognizable. Nothing about that scream “girl-power” to me.
      Both are often seen in fetishistic clothes.

      It’s all the same fucking thing, just different packaging.

    • muggle87

      A+++ comment. I have been a kpop fan for over 5 years and when guys do sexy, i find comments like this all the time:

      my ovaries explode
      my panties are wet
      i am pregnant

      But u rarely read a comment where they call a guy a slut because he is being overly sexy.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/swheekun swheekun

      Couldn’t agree more! Things do get very tricky when double-standards come into play, as women have a much longer history of objectification than men do. Additionally, I’ve noticed that fanboys have more of a tendency to be superficially invested in their idols while fangirls get attached on a more emotional level, a phenomenon that can probably be attributed to differing brain chemistry. So of course with the majority of people being heterosexual, we see more outward objectification of female idols and it’s easy to forget the equal extent to which male idols exploit their fans’ sexuality.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RBYVGZS4ZX3QR4YQTR2XCEUZCU jennifer s

      “If Hyuna wants to give men boners, let her give men boners.” That is my favourite quote and I’m not being sarcastic.
      I agree with your comment completely. I will never understand just what it is about Hyuna that makes people angry/uncomfortable, the same way I’ll never understand why people are so grossed out/enraged by Rihanna or Ke$ha. Sex doesn’t have to be artistic to be okay. I mean, most people aren’t exactly Picasso in the bedroom anyway, especially when they’re eating edible underwear off each other (unless Picasso was into that.) And I think another part of ‘liberating’ sexuality is taking away the stigma that’s attached to it – that is, the idea that it has to be this amazing, artistic, ethereal thing and any other representation of it is somehow wrong.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Why are women upset about women acting overtly sexual and not men?

      Because we’re women. Most cultures throughout most of history have held women to a lower regard than men. We weren’t considered as intelligent, useful, or valuable as men were. We’ve had to work harder to make our opinions heard. That’s why when we see  a woman degrading the female gender by clearly preying on men’s desire for sexy woman, we’re angry.

      I guess this comment could almost be considered hypocritical, because it might seem that I’m holding the female gender back by insisting that Hyuna shouldn’t act so come-hither and overtly sexual, but I think that I’m just acknowledging that women still have a lot of work to do before we’re seen as equal to men. And I think it’s important that women consider their pride when it comes to how they portray themselves.

      I don’t necessarily mean to single Hyuna out for this, but she is definitely a leading figure of this image. Honestly, I don’t even think it would be such a problem if the song was actually a bit better, too. But listening to such a low-quality song with such a sexual message really turns me off, as a woman. 

      Maybe it’s not entirely rational, but I definitely understand the mentality behind the reaction a lot of people have had to Hyuna.

  • http://twitter.com/sylviaye92 Sylvia Ye

    I totally agree with andalemono. 

    I get that Hyuna’s portrayal of female sexuality is overt and debatably tasteless but I don’t understand how this is a problem? Is any sexuality that is not of the brand ‘sexually liberated female role model’ bad sexuality? 

    There is a huge double standard for what kind of show sexuality is tasteful for men and women.

    I think saying, ‘If Hyuna wants to sell sex this way then she is allowed to sell sex this way’ is an important part of anti-slut-shaming (if such a thing exists). Isn’t that the whole premise of the ‘Slut Walk’? If we take away the idea that this behaviour is ‘slutty’ and ‘bad’, then the notion that being overtly sexual is bad loses its power?

    Also, I may be making a huge assumption, but I don’t think anyone would take this song and MV seriously as what women are like in real life. At all. 

    From the ultra-coloured sets and clothing to the (almost hilarious) lack of plot and cartoonish intro, Ice Cream seems to be presenting a single, warped idea of reality. 

    The way I take it is like one of the songs like DJ Khaled’s ‘All I Do Is Win’ of Rihanna’s ‘S&M’, that you listen to make yourself feel confident or sexy even if you don’t actually engage in sadomachoism and all the hands don’t actually go up in every building you step into. It’s a way to escape reality.

    Sorry if non of this makes sense. It’s late.

    • Passionate Princess

      What is the slut walk?

      • http://twitter.com/sylviaye92 Sylvia Ye

        It’s a protest march that we had in Melbourne last year (and maybe this year as well, not sure) that caused a bit of a stir because of the name. I think it started in Canada but it’s basically a reaction to rape culture and comments from police officials for women to dress less provocatively and not to go out alone at night etc. to prevent from being raped. 

        Whether it’s necessarily the best way to tackle rape culture is arguable but the message is a pretty good one.

    • muggle87

      u wrote exactly what i wanted to say about ice cream being a song about feeling confident and sexy. That is how I feel when I hear the song, I feel like i could get any guy cause i am full of sexy swag. lol.^^… i really don’t have sexy swag but i could pretend…. like u said it’s a way to escape reality.

  • Black_Plague

    I must be one of the few men that actually is not very much into Hyuna or any of her material at all, not to menton I barely lasted a minute in that music video before going “Meh, screw this shit.”

    There’s just something about her that annoys the hell out of me. And if it goes to add with her rather overtly sexualized image, I’ve heard from fans that attended KCON that she is a bit thick-headeded lol. Sorta suits her, actually.

  • abchan722

    the thing annoys me most is that most of the idols are only selling themselves to the public, instead of their songs. i don’t expect them to compose and write all their songs…but at least show me that you have really put effort into it and the album/song has a certain message that you wanted to show us.

    but no. no matter how they said they were into the music back in their trainee days, they hardly turn into a respected singer after debuted.

    as for hyuna, cube is just so determined to turn her into a sexy icon while at the same time, not presenting/emphasising any talents she has. though i agree that

    • muggle87

      she did put some effort. she improve vocally and she wrote for this album.
      also not every song has to have a message. sometimes all i really wanna do is get on the dance floor and just dance. what is wrong with that?

  • inxomnia

    For some reason, I see and hear of comparisons between HyunA and Hyori, but to me, they are distinguishable. While musically, both are known more for heir sexy performances than their vocal talent, with Hyori she rocks her stage with sexy but she has the sass and attitude to back it up with. With HyunA, every performance is very ‘come hither’ and just overt popping, thrusting, leaning into the camera. Yes, that does not make her a slut, but as you said, it’s definitely not what I’d want young girls emulating. 

    I mean, sure we can rant about double standards for as long as we want, but let’s be realistic here, these double standards will be here for a while. Regardless of what people may be protesting, let’s just say I wouldn’t want my younger sister or hypothetical daughter acting or dressing like HyunA does in any of her performances or videos. But there will be some young girls out there who look up to HyunA and will inevitably want to dress like her, or be her. 

  • Streby

    I didn’t like the song, Bubble Pop was a catchy song at least. Her singing was way better than her rapping but Cube should really use Shinsadong for her and not Brave Brothers.

  • happy_slip

    Weird, because I thoroughly enjoyed this music video. There was this one scene that made me a little bit iffy, but overall I Iiked how vibrant and fun the video was. It gave me Hyori’s U-Go-Girl vibes, and I loved that, plus, she looked great on the video — way better than Bubblepop. True, Ice Cream might not be the kind of example people are thinking about when female empowerment comes to mind, but I’m not complaining. To be frank, this “HyunA paints female sexuality in a bad light” talk is starting to really grate on my ears and I’m a female myself. I do get that a lot of what she does make people uncomfortable, but would it be so bad for a woman like HyunA to show this kind of sexiness? I’m not even sure if she’s doing this solely for men to fantasize her; Okay, maybe her company does want that because they think it would convince those people to buy whatever she’s selling, but what if she’s also doing this for her satisfaction as a person — something that she does to please herself, and not necessarily the people around her?

    It’s starting to bother me that a lot of people here seem to have only one specific definition for female empowerment/liberation when I feel that it shouldn’t be the case. At least to me, because I believe that a woman is empowered in the sense that she does what she wants regardless of what others (both men and women) would say or dictate. So people think she’s a slut, so what? Sometimes people shouldn’t really care so much all I’m saying. 

    • eve92

      I totally agree with you! I find myself in exactly the same situation when I go dancing. I’m a good dancer, I had lessons and I enjoy to move my body. But whenever I just do what feels natural to me, I get those strange looks from other girls, like I am doing it for all the boys out there when in fact I only want to dance (it makes me high without drugs :P). I would be lying if i say that I don’t enjoy getting attention from boys, but I never feel comfortable getting picked up and don’t like getting close to strangers. At the end of the day, I am doing it for myself and nobody else.

      • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

        I honestly don’t think dancing is the problem. It’s the coy, come-hither look on her face that disturbs me.

    • muggle87

      “…woman is empowered in the sense that she does what she wants regardless of what others (both men and women) would say or dictate.”

  • KrisMyStar

    IMO as long as little girls don’t dress up like her for Halloween I’m fine with Hyuna.

  • Mer

    She annoys the hell out of me because her “sexuality” is too try hard.  It’s awkward and unappealing.  Top if off with bad singing and I just shake my head.  I just don’t get the appeal.

    • Passionate Princess

      She dosent try to hard this is just one part of her. she dosent even sing bad she raps and sing. It’s korean which make it sound weird. She just her whats the problem with being her?

      • Mer

        “She dosent try to hard this is just one part of her.”  Not!   You my dear are an enabler.  She tries to too hard to look sexy.  It comes off as a little girl playing dress up for the local pedo. I cringe whenever I have the misfortune of seeing her  “perform”.  Her rapping and singing ability have nothing to do with the songs being Korean. It’s KPop.  I think there’s a 99.8% chance the song will be in Korean. There are tons of better Korean singers and rappers that sound good in Korean.  Next!

  • http://twitter.com/catEYEx3 Clairi

    I like it! Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of American pop stars like Britney Spears and girls being sexy in videos doesn’t really bother me. . .maybe I’ll care more when I’m older. To me, from the variety shows and BTS videos I’ve seen, females who portray sexy images like this are way different off stage, and parents shouldn’t have their little kids looking up to them as role models anyway. In the end, girl groups going oppa, oppa – saranghae – molla molla molla – are just as bad as Hyuna could be when it comes too catering to men. . .sorry, this comment is kind of all over the place, I just wanted to get that out.

  • Passionate Princess

    I love Ice cream. The thing is i dont get is she always get singled out but when someone else try hard she sexy and sassy but when it comes to Hyun-a she get called every bad word in the book She is her self this is always another side to people and this is probably her other side. She not trying to sell her self because theres no way she can. She probably made this video for fun not anything sexual. If you put it as sexual or even think it the wrong way then you going to end u saying it sexual but it’s not. I did this before and this is who i am will i be called sexual. try to hard, or slut of something i am? What makes it sexual is what you seem it is. It’s summer over there or spring and she probably made it for fun saying its time to get some Ice Cream and have fun in the hot weather and stuff. You just guys just don’t understand. I would make a video like this too because it summer/spring and im trying have fun so let me tell you ( in video form) what time it is. You making it seem like a bad thing but its not she just havng fun as a young 21 year old

    • lemon224

      It’s fall in Korea… and there is no way this is natural. I doubt this was Hyun-a’s idea.

  • k_db

    I’m tired of slut shaming at this point.  

    Let’s just let all women run around naked on the dance floor.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DMPXIBHH6HLHWRKTWM5B3HH5X4 Zoe

    One could call the video Freudian female empowerment with Hyuna wielding the ice cream hose and spraying “ice cream” on the enthusiastic crowd (and the men in the video seemed much more excited about it). 

  • http://chocobox101.blogspot.com/ chocopies:)

    That ice cream looked too perfect!! It bothered me the entire time I was watching the music video..haha. For me, the best part of the music video were the scenes with the students that were protesting. Those signs are seriously epic.

  • Dyamond Julsonnet

    This “slut-shaming” term is pissing me off. Everyone who gets defensive about someone else calling a person out for their over-sexuality is automatically “slut-shaming.” People are upset over Ga-In’s tasteful portrayal of womanhood, but totally behind Hyun Ah rubbing herself in a bathtub while looking at the camera like it’s a hamburger. Absolutely ridiculous.

    In my eyes, Hyun Ah is talentless–especially since she just uses her body to win over some views. How about improving your vocals, gaining some rap ability, practicing some new dance moves, and releasing a somewhat meaningful song where the video and lyrics aren’t filled with sexual innuendos? I’m so sick of her try-too-hard-to-be-sexy act.

    But guess what?

    I really don’t give a shit.

    • Matthew Scully

       you obviously do; you wrote quite a few lines there LOL

      • chris121212

        LOL +1

      • Dyamond Julsonnet

        I really don’t care about her in particular. It’s easily avoidable. I was just stating my opinion about it.

  • http://twitter.com/babycokes K-popping Dem Pills

    You know what makes me laugh? If Hyuna was came to the US/UK she would be considered as one of the calmest of the pop girls LOL, I don’t understand why people get in such a tizzy about it. It’s not like she is kissing and or doing some Chris Brown-esque Take You Down video. She is just being a flirtatious with camera and whats wrong with that! Personally she is my ultimate fave (followed closely by Ga In and all the girls from 2ne1, honestly I couldn’t possibly choose from those girls)

    • BeiSandy

      I think you should know that there are cultural differences between the UK, the US and Korea. So you cannot judge Hyuna on the same standard that you judge Chris Brown.

      • http://twitter.com/babycokes K-popping Dem Pills

        Oh no I know that! But what I am talking about when I hear it from international k pop fans who are surrounded by that all the time. 

  • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

    It’s distasteful. And the music video is a bit too much for my female pride. 

  • dothrakiwomanwarrior

    I understand where you’re coming from, but deciding who’s portrayal of sexuality is a really shitty thing to do. I wouldn’t necessarily call it slut-shaming, but it’s definitely an extension of the same mindset. Just because Hyuna’s version of displaying her sexuality is different to Ga In’s or whoever doesn’t make her portrayal inferior in anyway. It may not appeal to you, but judging Hyuna based on that is pretty terrible.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Well, if Hyuna is depicting her sexuality like this purely to appeal to men, which she is (and you’re stupid if you try to argue), then I think judging her is perfectly justifiable. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YX33LZXYGSYPJ4T3N7ULX4LU64 ~mS*manaGer~

        Yeah, because women appealing to men is a disgrace while men appealing to women is so totally cool and hot!!!111oneoneone!

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          Hey, I never said anything about men. I also happen to think that male artists pandering to fans solely through acting overtly sexual is gross. But Hyuna definitely does it more than anyone else.

  • http://twitter.com/silverukiss Silver

    I’d have to agree with you.

    What it ultimately comes down to for me, is that not only do I not find her music or MV’s attractive, but they actually make me cringe in distaste with an instant desire to purge what I just saw/heard from my mind.  This doesn’t mean I think she’s a terrible person, but in my opinion of music she lands in the terrible artist category.

  • http://www.facebook.com/corynn.candace Corynn Smith

    “Slut-shaming, in my opinion, complicates how viewers can or should respond to “Ice Cream.” “^THIS^ Right on the money.  

  • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

    You know, I have nothing against Hyuna, but I agree with the fact that her sexuality can be a turn-off in most cases. However, I do actually like the song and the music video. I just wish her sexy image wouldn’t be so in your face and distasteful. But hey, it works for her. I just wonder how long it’ll work for her once people get over her image, if they ever get over it. I’d say she has definitely improved since her last effort, but at the end of the day, all of that doesn’t really matter. People are here for her sexy image, not her improved talents or music which, unfortunately, isn’t saying much.

  • hapacalgirl

    My problem with hyuna is that sex seems to be all she sells.  Her music in all honesty is more misses than hits on the quality scale even though they are definitely catchy.  There are times where she seems to have a sliver of mediocre talent (I honestly disagree with people that think she is a talented singer,  she can hold a note but its mediocre and limited in range at best even on the better songs of this mini album) but rather than try to work with that and improve on that  they always revert to the high pitch nails on a chalkboard tone and lather it in overkill blatant sexuallity.  Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely agree with the people calling out double standard on the flack that hyuna gets versus the lack of flack that male groups get.  But while I am definitely of the minority that doesn’t like the gratuitous male stripping ala 2pm / dbsk/ etc I will at least give them credit for keeping it tasteful to an extent.  My problem with hyuna is that the sexiness that cube puts in her MVs rarely has anything to do in telling the story of the song and seems to be just there for the sake of selling her as a sex kitten.  Another problem is that rather than being classy sexy ala  hyori and others, it comes off as being distasteful and off-puting especially when considering that she doesn’t really come off as owning that sexyness and often appears to be trying too hard akin to a child trying to pretend to be an adult (now I know hyuna is an adult already but just using an example)..

  • https://twitter.com/Margaret_MT ❤ Margaret_MC ❤

     I agree, Since Hyuna did his debut  only use sex to sell, I mean this girl can not sell without trying to use the sexy concept ?

    must be admitted that the girl is not the best singer in the world, but could do much better in the future if she to stop promoting with the sexual concept and sing songs with more substance, “Ice Cream” the worst theme for a song, even Britney Spears  singing more meaningful songs!

  • https://twitter.com/Margaret_MT ❤ Margaret_MC ❤

    I agree, Since Hyuna did her debut  only use sex to sell, I mean this girl can not sell without trying to use the sexy concept ?

    must be admitted that the girl is not the best singer in the world, but could do much better in the future if she to stop promoting with the sexual concept and sing songs with more substance, “Ice Cream” the worst theme for a song, even Britney Spears  singing more meaningful songs!

  • missn74

    The problem is that Hyuna has been doing this sex appeal since her teens, which kind of bothered me because she wasn’t an adult yet. Now that she’s an adult it doesn’t bother me as much. She’s like any other young woman or teen out there who wants to be sexy. Most of the people who watch her videos are females. Yes her music isn’t great but she’s a good dancer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/angeline.akoyoko Angeline Akoyoko

    I have always seen Hyuna as comic and when she does sexy, it is so funny.

  • lokifairy

    It was what I expected. I already knew I would dislike the song even before it was released. seriously Cube need to stop. Hyuna is a very cute and adorable girl and that’s all I ever will see in her. She can’t pull off the sexy concept like Ga-in without looking like (I’m sorry) a “slut”.

  • ohlala

    I like ice cream

  • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

    Regardless of what we think, she’s making bank

  • http://twitter.com/eliyshas Eliysha C. Saputra

    I have to be honest and admit that I’ve never been a fan of the lady. My sole excuse would be that she doesn’t know how to carry a tune to save her life. But then again, who turns to K-pop for pure musicality, right? So. Here’s my attempt to be a little less biased about the lass.

    K-pop in itself seems to be very very shallow with its measure in physical appearance more than anything else. We can probably count with our fingers how many idols who doesn’t have the best physical appearance that actually made it (JYP is a prime example of that).So I think while CUBE is clearly exploiting one of their breadwinner to the tee, I think we have to give credit HyunA for having to comply to her company’s concepts that she may or may not enjoy herself. Because honestly, who in this world would consciously and voluntarily like to be objectified as much as this lady has? So. I dislike the song personally, but I’m waiting for HyunA to break out of her mold and try something else that could show more of her — and not what her company wants. Because HyunA may have something worth watching to offer.

  • illerz

    I loved her spraying the crowd with the white creamy goodness. I thought it was an instant classic! :P Because that can’t possibly represent anything! Who would mistake that for anything than innocently spraying the crowd with ice cream. Hawf! That’s the sound I made. It seemed accurate.

    Oh and psy and the ice cream….really? reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    Ok sarcasm aside, I don’t know what I wish for hyuna because I am not sure she has any actual talent, I would like her to do some boa type dancing to see if she can do anything but club dancing. Or  I would like to hear her sing, I mean really sing. A tune that showcases her voice. I’d like that. But other than that, I think her current career path fits her.

  • http://twitter.com/asiandramaswhoo Asian Dramas Whoo

    You said it well! I’ve been trying to find out exactly what it is about Hyuna’s performances that rubs me the wrong way when no other sexy female performances do. This helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings on the matter. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacksondavidmichael David Michael Jackson

    How is she any different from you. You picked her as your subject for the traffic it produces knowing the traffic is produced because she is sexy and people want to see the video. K-Pop is wonderful for the quickly changing high definition images which is affecting all of pop and Hollywood too. 
    I for one am proud to be an American tuning into and being led to an innovative wave of video and music from another country and culture. I do not find her video offensive in the least and not too sexual, just new and wonderful. 
    The South Koreans are downright beautiful, the videos are crisp, the dancing is awesome. I’m proud of them and I for one am proud of Hyuna. The data from Tunebee shows the U.S. and the world tuning in.
    Don’t knock it. Keep it up South Korea…You rock!

    Dave Jackson

  • http://www.facebook.com/henric.emdenborg Henric Mj Emdenborg

    hey comon, hyuna is a sweet little girl. Let her be. Love <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/henric.emdenborg Henric Mj Emdenborg

    hey comon, hyuna is a sweet little girl. Let her be. Love <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/henric.emdenborg Henric Mj Emdenborg

    hey comon, hyuna is a sweet little girl. Let her be. Love <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/henric.emdenborg Henric Mj Emdenborg

    hey comon, hyuna is a sweet little girl. Let her be. Love <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/henric.emdenborg Henric Mj Emdenborg

    hey comon, hyuna is a sweet little girl. Let her be. Love <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/henric.emdenborg Henric Mj Emdenborg

    hey comon, hyuna is a sweet little girl. Let her be. Love <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/henric.emdenborg Henric Mj Emdenborg

    hey comon, hyuna is a sweet little girl. Let her be. Love <3

  • Meghan

    People should stop losing their minds over sexuality in K-pop, as an American listener, these songs and videos literally DO NOT HOLD A CANDLE to the blatant sexuality in nearly every American pop song. Ke$ha, Neon Hitch, Katy Perry, please their songs have so much sexual innuendo and obvious sexual references they make HyunA’s “Ice Cream,” look like a Disney Channel video. Case and Point, Neon Hitch’s “F**k You Better,* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEJXo01zzmo Go ahead watch that. HyunA is AWESOME compared to this slam, and more classy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=788684717 Er Wi

    There are boy bands that appeal to guys too. I don’t happen to be one of them, but I do know they’re out there.

    That being said, if I don’t like the song, I’m not going to enjoy the video. And I really think HyunA is better with 4Minute. Her song for Toyota is pretty catchy, though.

  • paul

    It’s a terrible fucking song. That’s all you need to know? T_T

  • Marianne Tai

    Hyuna is one of the idols that you either love or hate. The thing about idols is that they are not really given the opportunity to decide what image they want to portray. More often than not, they are “packaged” by their mgm and don’t have say in it. For hyuna, she just is sexy. There is no denying it. Just like how CL is charismatic, not denying that. I think they overdid it with “Ice-cream”.

  • Patrick

    she doesnt have to do much to give me a boner some seconds to watch are enough to have a boner all the time