• KrisMyStar

    now the company’s just being lazy…but I guess they don’t really want to invest in a 5-year group that hasn’t hit it big.

    • danahz

      But I wish they would. U-Kiss’s music has been rising in quality and commercial appeal.

      • ok

        Kpop moves too fast for me to think that a group that never made it will make it five, six, seven years later. :/

  • Mini Squid

    Oh damn. That DNA thing is freakin creepy, man. Even if I love SNSD and EXO to death, no way would I accept a ball of Yoona’s hair, or a vial of Laynicorn blood, or a scrape of Dragon epithelial cell. Like, ew. It’s gross and morally disturbing.

  • luhunnie

    WHAT??? This news rocked my world (and not in a good way). Excuse me while I go cry into a handkerchief embroidered with Kevin’s initials…

  • Camille

    DNA… sampling? It’s very creepy indeed. Though I wouldn’t mind growing my own U-Kiss … still: creepy, wouldn’t buy that. I hope U-Kiss doesn’t suffer too much from their agency’s decision. I really like that band, love their music and mvs.

    I don’t really know what to think about the idea actually. Cause selling their body for money is bascially what they were already doing -in a less creepy and “direct” way- and they were also already selling goodies, signed CDs, etc. So the “selling” part is nothing new but the fact that they’re saying “if you don’t buy, no album” is like “threatening” the fans, like they’re holding the album hostage. If that makes sense?

  • bigmamat

    Why would someone who writes for Seoulbeats be shocked by this new scheme to suck more money out of the public. Isn’t “but it’s a business” part of your mantra when describing Kpop. Is it a good idea, yeah for the company if it works. Is it good for the boys, yeah if it works. Could it blow up in all their faces, yeah. It doesn’t matter where a good idea came from once the shameless money hogs find a way to use it to their advantage. Way of the world.

  • alanis

    U-Kiss the group sveryone knows but no one actually likes.

    • Aynish

      I like them.

    • EnjoyingKPop

      I LOVE them and I buy their album through a friend back in Asia (since their CDs are not available where I live) and I LIVE in the Middle East.

    • nancyau

      Where’d you get that idea?

  • severely

    I think there is some logic to this. If they can’t get even 1,000 people in the entire world to support UKISS, then what does that say about UKISS’s popularity? They might be using it to reduce costs, sure, but they also might be using it as a final last hurrah on a group they’re planning on disbanding.

    As an aside: those two films are HARDLY the only examples of successful multi-million dollar crowdfunding campaigns from people who SEEM like they should have more access to money than asking the general public. I just point that out because the article makes it sound like an really unexpected occurrence when it really isn’t.

  • BishieAddict

    This one is a bit tacky. They’re an established group. If they do not have the start up cash to produce an album – then they’re doing something wrong.

  • CLoak And Dagger

    Considering how gaming has seen more projects become funded via Kickstarter, and certainly is a nice sight.

    But the thing is, as long as the big three control the Kpop industry, this won’t be very common place. In fact, ever since Woolim got bought out by SM, I expect to really be a monopoly between JYP, YG and SM, along with the few stragglers in a couple of years.

  • Guest2

    The link to the website hasn’t been put back up on their facebook for a couple days now…someone even donated, but got refunded her money. Since neither the company or U-kiss seem to explain what it’s for, this still seems fishy.

  • glacierkn

    The boys haven’t tweeted about this. That’s what puzzles me…usually they very actively promote their events. I think this is a scam but am baffled that no one is responding to our questions. They need to confirm things so we can start really discussing the situation.

  • Sharon

    Actually, I don’t think its a bad idea, except for that DNA thing. Just no to that. Ewww… Anyways a lot of people don’t seem to realize that UKISS don’t actually sell a lot of albums. Their digital sales are even worse.

    Sure they have international fans, but the problem with ifans is that most of the time they pirate the music or don’t buy it legally. UKISS has just enough fans to keep them afloat. I’m actually surprised they lasted this long.

    I would love it if my favorite nugu groups would do this. Double A albums are hard to find online, and on itunes their music is only available in China. They just dont have enough funds to release it to the rest of the world and not enough fans that will buy it to cover costs.

    I think crowdfunding is a great idea. We don’t need to buy music anymore bc of piracy. I still buy some albums and songs though bc I want to support the artist. So I don’t think crowdfunding is all that bad. That’s just my two cents on the matter.

  • thekpoplife

    The entire situation is full of only speculations, and I still feel something very fishy about it all. Because U-KISS (as much as I, and other KissMes, may love them) are still “nugu” idols, trying to find that perfect, hit single to get them out of the depths of underrated-ness, it’s unfortunately less than likely that the project will go through. U-KISS crowdsourcing for their next album is hardly a game changer for the industry when they’ve barely been able to make a dent in the charts these past few years. Unless this project is a widespread success, the rest of K-Pop most likely won’t take notic this at all. U-KISS holds its popularity among their international fans, not domestic fans, and the only people who keep tabs on them are the dedicated KissMe fanbase.

  • J2201987

    This sounds like a last ditch effort of making money off of the group without dropping them from the roster.

  • superfangirl

    DNA?!? It’s like they’re trying to attract the wrong crowd… *totally creeped out*

  • ArielLM13

    Honestly though, wouldn’t their Japanese fans alone be able to hit the 1000 mark?When you think about it 1000 people, for a group as established as they are, seems like a really easy target. It actually seems so easy that I’m suspicious. I mean this group sold out like 80,000+ seats in Japan. Not to mention their fans in south america and then you still have the few people in Korea and elsewhere. This doesn’t seem right.

    Also the DNA thing sounds creepy.