• Dhruv Angrup

    personally i think this is their best work yet….and i loved signal,step and toy…toy would have been a great title song for the album…these 3 songs brought out the energetic parts in the album which fits with the more mellow and easy soundin tracks like shadow,airplane,no more and goodbye summer..the whole album can’t be just be filled with tracks for easy-listening…u need some loud tracks too for it it be a fx album…

  • Guest2

    I loved this album; it was pretty diverse in sounds. A little electric, a little hipster, a little retro-ish. “Toy” is probably my favorite just because it’s so disjointed and cheery, and the lyrics make it even better. I think this album is strong and it sounds like something only f(x) could perform.

  • buster_ed

    I really like this album. What I like about it is even though I am not crazy about each song as a whole, they all have interesting elements that intrigue me enough that I got most of the album. And they are only growing on me. Favorite songs include Rum Pum Pum, Shadow (my pick for best song of the album), Step, Snapshot, and Ending Page.

    I am also really happy with how much Amber there is on the album, and her raps only continue to get better, though I also love her singing in “Snapshot”.

    I like that the whole album sounds like f(x), and though it uses a few different styles on different songs it still sounds pretty cohesive. Overall, I am really happy with the album and f(x) continues to be my favorite SM group, and even though they continue to be put on the back burner, they still get quality music. (Yay!)

  • nyalims

    I love the album! f(x) is my favorite k-pop group right now. They just have some really catchy music. Favorite songs are Ending Page, Pretty Girl, Rum Pum Pum Pum (which has really grown on me), & Kick. I still jam to Electric Shock and Nu ABO every chance I get so I’m happy to add some new songs to my Itunes. I hope they gain some new fans during this promotion period, I feel like they’re the red headed step-child of SM.

  • kelliusmaximus

    This is an excellent album. Not so much for the songs individually (though there are some really good ones), but for how incredibly cohesive it is. They have really defined their sound and image with it, more so than any other SM group imo. I love how thematically consistent it is (the retro influence is obvious, even matching the 8bit font on the album cover with 8bit music in Airplane), how much it suits the group themselves, and how well it flows. I didn’t get bored at all listening to it.

    And I have to point out, you said they “went under fiery criticism for being remakes”. This is really stupid and not worth mentioning. People who complain about “remakes” have absolutely no understanding of the music industry, and don’t seem to realise that demos can be sold in two regions (east and west) at once. And, of course, demos are what the vast, vast majority of the music industry uses to produce songs. It’s beyond dumb to pick on SM for that, the criticism is not valid.

  • Salmonsushi

    “Maybe because it came in the wake of “Airplane,” but all the same, it’s still pretty filler.”

    Once again, one of my fav tracks (Toy) is considered filler by Seoulbeats. What’s wrong with my taste? lol

    • Smile

      yeah I like “Toy” as well. It’s my 2nd favorite song

  • MuhdAfiq

    To me, this is obviously f(x)’s best work to date. This album takes back everything f(x) has from the past and make it sounds mature.
    Signal has that 80’s retro influences, with Snapshot, remember Pinnochio album? Love? That has some retro inspired sounds too. Snapshot was my favourite right when I hear the Broadway ish beat.
    Signal was fun too, because when you first hear it, you were like What is this? Then you got hooked. But the chorus falls flat imo. They can do the chorus fast, like real disco fast, but they go slow.
    Toy was definitely not a filler! It has that catchy chorus and just catches you right from the start. OH OH OH. The dancebreak was a bit turn off, but it sounded amazing because of the orchestra influences.
    Shadow is a favourite song of mine. Sounded so dreamy, reminds me a lot about SHINee’s Orgel.
    Airplane has to be my favourite track from PinkTape next to Toy and Shadow.
    To me, Pretty Girl, No More, RPPP, Kick, sounded little like a filler. The verse gives you high hopes, and the chorus just falls flat.
    GoodBye Summer was decent. I’m not in love with ballads whatsoever. but SooBaby!!! His voice.
    Ending Page sounded like Beautiful Stranger, with the strong beat at first, then slow beat during the chorus.
    I just love SM at least put effort for this album. Danger album was a mess, so is ES,both sounded like a last minute 10 day work. *Sorry for my bad English.

  • Josh Chinnery

    “But, ironically enough though, “Toy” and “No More” feature Amber singing more lines as opposed to rapping, and she sounds orgasmic. I don’t know, I have thing for her singing voice.”

    Good, I’m not the only one who prefers her singing to her rapping (even though her rapping has steadily improved since they debuted).

    *ahem* So anybody else as in love with this album as I am? Because I really love this album. Like you said, this album works because the songs all flow together very nicely; they aren’t all great songs from an objective point, but it’s very hard for me to skip tracks on this album. One complaint, though; what is up with the dubstep breakdown in Toy? The song was growing on me, and then BAM!!! Horrendous brostep wobbles and screeches like I’ve never seen before just pops out of nowhere. Mind you, I have high tolerance for dubstep breakdowns in pop songs (TVXQ’s Catch Me and Here I Stand and SuJu-M’s Breakdown are personal favorites of mine), but that breakdown completely trashed that song for me on first listen. For shame, SM!!! *double ahem* Personal favorites of mine are Shadow (love the airy and dreamy feel of the song), Pretty Girl (Amber’s gritty rapping contrasting with sweet tones of the other members makes this song work), Step (that saxophone riff giefs me life!!), Airplane (I love the chorus, it’s so pretteh :D), and Snapshot (jazzy pop music is jazzy :3).

    Despite SM’s questionable (at best) choices of title tracks this year, they have consistently released great album after great album. Allowing Amber to sing more was definitely a great choice (she has a very nice tone to her voice and it giefs me goosebumps when I hear it) and keeping the retro inspired hipster-esque up from the art film was definitely a good way to play it. Great job, SM. Now… If only we could have whoever penciled in SHINee and EXO’s repackages during f(x)’s promotional period, then we’ll be golden ;)

  • Vdiddy

    Pink Tape in synopsis:

    Solid and as others have mentioned, cohesive. Paced well in that there are breaks of slow tempo, mellow songs to intercut the frenetic pace of some of the bass heavy, electro pop on steroids songs.


    RPPP: weird but catchy melody that replays itself in your head long after. The good news is there’s not much of the repetitive nonsense language that plagues their former singles (i.e. “nana na na na na na nanana nu abo” “nana na na na electric shock”).

    Shadow: interesting melody with a dreamlike vibe but this doesn’t mean the girls’ vocals have to be so soft and and lacking energy and umph. Good harmonies though.

    Pretty Girl: a favorite track simply for the inclusion of a decent rap. Amber spits the lines with sass and attitude making the words even more pointed. And the vocals for this song were great as well.

    Kick (and Step and Toy): these songs are all very upbeat and synth heavy but they are not all the same by any means. The one element that is the downfall of all of them though is something which plagues every f(x) album/mini; song speak. While Step is probably one of the weakest tracks on Pink Tape, Kick and Toy are really decent, energetic songs which would be a blast to rock out to if the sing/talk/chant/shouting didn’t keep making its appearance.

    Signal: a disco song! On a Kpop album? A bit on the repetitive side but a fun jam.

    Goodbye Summer: easily one of the best tracks for its acoustic, breath of fresh air feel. The fact that Amber helped compose this song gives hope that one day perhaps the group (or perhaps Amber) may have more creative influence/input into their future albums.

    Airplane/Snapshot: two totally different songs but about the same level of effect. Whilst Snapshot has a burlesque type feel to it, Airplane on the other hand has a house music vibe. They are both different and fun but a bit bipolar in tone which swings from cute aegyo (SS) to different sounding chorus or mellow contemplative (AP) to winding up and dropping the beat. On the upside, both songs have good harmonies.

    No More: the beginning doowops in this track are probably some of the best harmonies in the album. That being said, No More is not a very strong track but the lyrics are a riot.

    Ending Page: the best for last. This track is the best on the album hands down. The vocals of all the girls are at their best and the back and forth of the two pre-choruses is chill inducing. It is a great finish to a very well put together album.

    Overall the strengths of the album are the improved vocals, more mature and developed songs and the almost equal line distribution. The weaknesses are ones which are easily remedied; cut the song speak and have more confidence in the five, not two or three vocalists of f(x).

    Upgrade of ES mini 3.5/5 to Pink Tape 4/5

  • Lianna

    “SM favorite children” I know who you mean XD

  • happy_slip

    I’d give this at least a 4… 4.5, if I would compare it to their past releases alone. It’s probably my favorite SM album to date. Shadow is love…I live for it lol because it reminds me so much of one of The Cardigans track.

  • kiko

    Hmm..here I am, confused and wondering whether we listened to the same songs.. I’ll be the party popper here and say I’m not impressed with ‘Pink Tape’ at all.. to me, all the songs sound the same and I’m so confused with f(x)’s music..lots of fast-talking, very messy to the point they don’t seem actual songs etc. But if ppl and fans like it, then that’s great, they’re just not my taste I guess!!

  • Smile

    Ending Page is my favorite song.

  • ROFLikeAnOnew

    absolute fave tracks from this album (the ones i will listen to a hundred times over because that’s how amazing they are)
    -Pretty Girl
    -Ending Page

    and i liked the rest of the album songs! probably the least liked was Goodbye Summer

    this is the first time i actually have liked all songs on an album (not including SHINee)

  • Sophia

    Shadow is lovely – I enjoyed it so much that i brought it and have it on repeat! Don’t really rate the rest of the album thou

  • http://blossom423.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    Pink Tape is overall a good and enjoyable album, I really liked Rum Pum Pum Pum, Shadow, Signal, and Airplane the most from the album

  • 내가 제일 잘나가

    Can I just say Shadow is AMAZING my mind was honestly blown and Airplane comes close to it

  • pietel

    Besides RPPP, which is a stroke of genius music making. (from all these disjointed popsongs that are defining 2013, this one is the most coherent and well constructed),
    my favourite was Pretty Girl. It’s Sleigh Bells with extra harmonies.
    But after a lot of listening I’m now totally in love with Airplane. I have the album on shuffle but somehow that song is always a highlight.
    Oh, and I like Snapshot too.

  • Strawberryicon

    Am i the only one whose devastated that (my fav) krystal got the double eyelid surgery. she looks so old now! T_T

  • you’rePressed

    Love the whole album even the “filler” tracks. Really impressed with F(x) this time around and even considering buying the album. One of my favorite kpop albums this year tbh.