Six mini albums to predate a first full-length album release may seem like overkill, but P1Harmony’s debut into LP territory couldn’t have come at a better time for the six-piece group, who debuted at the end of 2019. Known for their grungy, fierce sound, P1Harmony have spent their past four (going on five) years and six EPs experimenting, excelling, and growing into their musical style, which they showcase in its full, evolving glory on their latest, Killin’ It. 

For P1Harmony, constant evolution and charisma have been at the core of their music from the very start, and on Killin’ It, they especially let both pillars shine. The album oozes with the group’s signature swagger, manifesting from track to track through fresh and creative genre combinations, unexpected twists and turns, and the members’ laid-back delivery of their highly-skilled technical chops. 

Title track “Killin’ It” kicks things off accordingly with an explosive boast of the group’s own accolades and achievements to date, with the members casually but decisively declaring “We killin’ it, da-da-da, da, da” throughout. As an opener, “Killin’ It” hardly lulls listeners into the rest of the album’s charms, instead blasting them in their faces with the group’s tried-and-true hip hop title track formula: looping percussive claps, blaring electronic beats, impressive rap flows, powerful vocals, and a hint of slow, smooth R&B for some reprieve in between the intensity of the verses and chorus. Although “Killin’ It” isn’t too different from P1Harmony’s previous title tracks in terms of form, it feels especially novel in the members’ attitude-filled, but still playful, delivery of their pompous lines (“The media is roaring paparazzi hound me (Ayy)/Surprise, you’re lucky to have found me”). 

While it’s clear that P1Harmony does hip hop well, as also evidenced by b-sides “Everybody Clap” and “Street Star,” both swagger-filled, lively hip hop selections, the next few songs fuel the album’s upbeat spirit with unique blends of genre and a fresh sense of creativity. “Late Night Calls” begins with an alluring R&B beat and Keeho’s distinct honey-like vocals, which later fuses with acoustic riffs, only then to quietly break out into a brisk, Afrobeats-influenced chorus. The intra-track genre transitions work seamlessly though, and continue to excel in “Countdown To Love,” which molds from rock to hip hop to pop-rock-meets-EDM until the entire melody leaps into a surprise rap breakdown in the final verse. The production stays one step ahead though, adding and subtracting elements of new genres to ensure each part flows smoothly into the next. Somehow, everything falls right into place, even as Intak’s count up stops “Countdown To Love” in its very tracks. 

“Emergency” is especially a standout on this front, continuing the rock and hip hop fusion that serves as Killin’ It‘s main throughline. A loose homage to P1Harmony’s debut track, “Siren,” “Emergency” begins with a ‘90s hip hop beat and faint siren sound effect, only to immediately lean on a zippy electric guitar and a bass and cowbell-based beat that fuels its funky, euphoric energy. Despite P1Harmony’s proclamation that “It’s an emergency,” the “La-la-la”’s in the chorus infuse the track with the group’s quintessential casual energy, balancing out the production-heavy moments that give it its novelty. 

Although Killin’ It‘s innovations in genre mashups serve as its primary standouts, that same inventiveness also makes its way into the tracks that largely stick to one genre. “2Nite,” one of the album’s softer selections, features a jazzy undercurrent and catchy bass-heavy groove. “I See U,” a track dedicated to the group’s fanbase, P1ece, finds a proper balance between the album’s one true ballad, “Love Story,” and more energetic numbers to close Killin’ It out on a high, but still sentimental and snappy note.

Overall, Killin’ It is a colorful triumph for P1Harmony, a group that has consistently stayed true to their quest to evolve, while also showcasing a nonchalant sense of confidence and a true ownership over their craft and technical skills. Yes, the album is a stepping stone in their growth as a group, clever genre mixes and unexpected twists and all, but it’s also a testament to how far they’ve come, and what they can do with what they’ve created thus far. On Killin’ It, P1Harmony let their vibrant personality and artistry shine, experimenting with and melding variety to form a body of work that feels just as a whole as they’ve proven to be as a group thus far.

(YouTube. Lyrics via Genius. Images via FNC Entertainment.)