It seems as thought Pledis is about ready to kick off another set of teasers for After School’s upcoming June comeback, and kicks things off with a bang. Nana’s is the first feature in this new set, and already has everybody talking.


All I can say is, hot damn. If After School wasn’t on your radar, Nana going topless and killing it with her intense modeling skills will definitely get you talking too. The first batch of teasers were certainly more tame and very similar looking. They were released alongside the question, “How is your first love doing?” So it wouldn’t surprised me if the fine ladies of After School all go suave and sensual in a similar concept to match the fierce Nana, and also stamp the next batch with “What’s Next?” It would certainly be a fitting question.

When you manage to peel off your eyes off Nana, don’t forget to be on the look out for After School’s comeback on June 13th, literally just as school gets out. Will their sixth maxi single live up the hype? Well, even if it doesn’t, at least we have Nana.

(Pledis Entertainment)