MBLAQ IS A+++

  • lostmunkie

    LOVED that flashback scene in monstar. why can’t he get the girl?! seol chan is terrible with the way he handles seyi. at first, i was loving the 1 hr 20 minute length of the episode but episode 3 rather dragged on. it’ll be better as 2 episodes a week at 45 minutes.

    • kalemba

      but seon woo likes seyi just because he they used to be friends in childhood. He wouldn’t notice her if he didn’t know her. He like her from the past, not the girl which she is now. Seolchan on the other hand like her for what she is doing now.

      seon woo don’t like seyi. He would ignore her if he didn’t know her. Just like he was ignoring Nana and radio boy when he was bullied. He didn’t help him because he is on the rich people side. he became just like they which are looking down on the weak/poor ones.
      so he just want to come back to the times when he wasn’t like that, to the times when he was happy – to childhood.
      and thanks to seyi he can find the missing feelings as innocence, passion to singing. she’s a footbridge for him.
      it’s sentimental but not really romantical. they lack chemistry. With seol chan is another story.

      • lostmunkie

        i disagree. i feel like she has chemistry with both boys. and although sun woo hasn’t been very proactive, he does speak up when he feels like the situation is going too far, like at the end of ep 1 when radio starts breaking down, and that was before seyi stepped in. and nana definitely has a soft spot for sun woo, it’s too early to say what their relationship is, but maybe he has been kind to her in the past. so he doesn’t go out of his way to help, but i don’t remember him initiating any bullying or looking down on poor/weak people. he just keeps to himself.

        and as far as sun woo not noticing seyi if he didn’t recognize who she was in the beginning, there’s no way to prove that. seyi is a spunky and a little strange, he could have easily fallen for her for who she is now. the other 2 boys in his clique have taken notice of her without having any sort of history with her.

        i like seol chan with seyi as well, but my problem with him is in the way he keeps on man handling her. he’s always dragging, pulling and forcing her. it might seem “hot” in the drama, but in real life, that would not be cool.

  • catherine19

    I love the way Monstar is going. the acting is pretty good (Junhyung was stiff for a while but he improved greatly), the story-lines a bit cliched but still touching, and great side characters that you root for, especially Radio/Kyu Dong. the latest episode moved a bit too slow for my taste, but it’s understandable, since we’re getting to the point where we’re developing the stories of the characters. I can’t wait to see what else Monstar has to offer!

  • Fannie_SB

    Omg… Bada performed the heck out of that song!!!

  • bangsstory

    I too am bummed that Monstar is only shown once a week. Makes me more itchy for the next one. :) It’s an unexpected one for me. I had no expectations for it but after watching the first episode, I know I’ll be waiting for the next one until the end. :)

    • ANANAS

      I still haven’t watched it because i’m afraid of the wait…I already have to wait for new episodes of “love in Tokyo” every friday on dramafever :/ so I hope I can hold off and marathon through it

      • bangsstory

        I hate waiting too. But I just can’t help it. I’d always end up preferring the anticipation (and irritation) of waiting than see so many discussions and I end up skipping because I hate spoilers. Hehe